Friday, July 31, 2015

*NOTD* HITS Nail Polish- No Olimpo in Hera

I have been all about the holos lately. A friend gave me this polish to try and it's beautiful!

So let's get into this:

This polish is translucent. I applied a coat of black nail polish to help enhance the opacity and create a solid holo. The fact that this is translucent is nice for creating different looks and combinations with other bases of course. This is a blue shade with finely milled silver holo glitter that's continuous throughout the product and evenly dispersed.

This look was done with one coat of Hera. The holo in this polish is full, yellow, green, orange and blue. This is stunning! I love how the light catches on this's a dancing rainbow! This is sure to be an attention grabber--and the fact that it's named after Hera is pretty neat. (I studied Greek Mythology for 7 years, so I kinda have a soft spot for the name, ha ha ha) I was looking up images on google, and I just HAVE to try ZEUS! It's so pretty.

Have any of you tried Hits?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

*REVIEW* Glitter Lambs Million Dollar Gradient

So this is for the bling queens everywhere! Or, if you are looking for something flashy and eye catching, being bold for the Holiday Season or if you just like lots of rainbows and shine. This gold's for you...

Million Dollar Gradient is another extraordinary creation from Glitter Lambs. It retails for $6.94 in her etsy shop. It's Free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Dibutyl Phthalate. It was made specifically to use as a gradient, but I am guilty of loving it so much that I sponged it onto my entire nail as well as used it as a glitter topper against a white base (which was gorgeous, by the way!) so you be your own artist and do what you do. 

This is a clear base with different sizes and shapes of gold holographic glitter. When this polish catches the light, you get a vivid dance of red, green, yellow, orange, blue and violet. The color shift is just downright delightful--it's a rainbow on your hands! This polish lasted 8 days without chipping with the Julep Freedom Polymer Topcoat.  I absolutely LOVE this nail polish! I enjoyed it so much that I depotted a small amount for a friend to try out. When I handed it to her she was in awe. She said it was the prettiest nail polish she had ever seen. I will take a picture of her nails as soon as she uses it and if I remember to, I'll update this post with what she does with it as well.

Monday, July 27, 2015

*REVIEW* Glitter Lambs Nail Polish in Kawaii Bake Sale!

This amazing glitter topper nail polish is Kawaii Bake Sale by Glitter Lambs. You can find her store on Her nail polishes retail for $4.94-$6.94 and are worth every penny! This one is $6.94 which is a GREAT price for an indie nail polish! So if you love indies, or you are new to indies, you should give her shop a look-over!

I just had to share how beautiful this nail polish is! Jamie from Glitter Lambs was kind enough to provide me with a few of her gorgeous nail polishes for review! This specific polish was love at first coat. There's just something magical about the glitter combination...chunky white polka dots, small soft baby pink, small soft baby blue, with a gold hologaphic glitter that shifts to a beautiful blue. This nail polish reminds me of Spring, lavender buds, childhood tea parties and fairies. So let's get down to business, shall we?

This polish is somewhat thick. The suspension of the glitter is even from top to bottom and the glitter is evenly dispersed throughout the bottle. This nail polish dried incredibly fast--which totally blew my mind! I have so many glitter polishes that are of a thicker consistency which take some (I have hardly any patience and I smudge my nails's a curse!) This polish dried within 5 minutes with no aid--and I even used 2 different layers of it. The drying time of a formula is HUGE for me--ain't nobody got time to wait 30 minutes for one's nails to dry! I'm a busy gal and this alone gave it a thumb's up. I wore this polish for a 6 days with no chipping. The topcoat that I used was Julep's Freedom Polymer Top Coat. I type all day at my job, so usually the very edge of my nails chip within a few days. On the morning of the 7th day, 2 nails had finally chipped at the very edge. I think that's pretty awesome! Honestly, I try to paint my nails once a week, but sometimes life happens and if my nails still look nice, I will wear the polish for a few more days until I have a day off and a chance to redo them.

So let's take a closer look at just how beautiful this nail polish truly is!

                                   Here is a macro of the polish. Isn't it beautiful!?

Here is a swatch and a few drops. 

I've never tried painting jewelry with polish, but I've thought about it before--when I decide to do so, I will be using this shade. This color looks gorgeous over a white base, baby blue blase, yellow base and lavender...but we are all artists so I bet you could make it look awesome with almost any color you pair it with!

A few gals at work REALLY loved this polish. The next time I wear a sundress, this is going to be on my nails and my toenails. It's too pretty to not wear it every place that I can!

Jamie has an amazingly fun collection of pretties in her store--from quirky to elegant, there's a polish for everyone!

Friday, July 24, 2015

*REVIEW* LunatiCK Cosmetics Labs Apocalipsticks and Glamour Ghoul Glitters! (Plus the Glitters are 50% right now!)

OH. MY. GOSH. I can't convey my excitement via words without like, 100 plus words in ALL CAPS, ha ha ha!

Just a little bit of information about LCL:
This company is Vegan and Cruelty Free. (Whoop Whoop!) and Talc Free as well. It looks like they just recently upgraded from homemade items to products being professionally manufactured (That is so AWESOME! Gratz guys!) and their makeup is morbidly adorbs, ghoulicious, and bat-tastic! their colors are fun, vampy and bold. My kinda brand if I do say so myself! They were kind enough to send me a few items for review and I just ADORE these products! (The fact that they are vegan and Cruelty Free is always a huge plus in my book!)

                                     Click the banner below to visit the online store

First of all, these beautiful products arrived in a black and white striped box of awesome! I couldn't help but think, "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!"  Ha ha ha! Inside of the box were 3 Glamour Ghoul Glitters and 3 Apocalipsticks. So let's check out the products, shall we?


The packaging is very cool. It's pretty self explanatory. I giggled when I first saw these...

And when you open the boxes, you get BULLETS, erm I mean APOCALIPSTICKS! Seriously, A+++ on the packaging! Aren't these so NEAT?

All of the Apocalipsticks have the same creamy, opaque and smooth formula. Their longevity varies...almost all of them stayed on my lips for at least 3 hours, but shortly afterwards fading was viseable. The longest lasting shade had to be the Cinderhella because the pigment packed quite a punch! I don't mind reapplying my lipstick if it's one that I really like, so I applied it once during my work shift, and it was no big deal. They still lasted through hours of my snacking, eating, talking and drinking loads of the formula is pretty darn great! These retail for $15.00 a pop on their online shop.


Cindehella is a beautiful rich bright, deep berry shade. This shade left a slight stain on my lips after it started to fade which I was cool with. It helped prolong the product, and it's a shade I will be wearing all of this coming Fall.

Cinderhella Swatched.

Look at that beautiful berry! This shade in particular lasted for about 4 hours on my lips and that's with 3 cups of coffee and lunch. BAM! This is one sexy lipstick.

RPG is a pale pink shade with a very small hint of a mauve. This shade is my personal fave of the three, and it is now one of my fave 5 shades of all time! Let me tell you about this beautiful lipstick...this isn't just a pale mauve lippie, it's the most beautiful nude shade of all time (at least in my opinion) and it works so well for this olive skinned gal! I had quite a few compliments on this shade while wearing it out and the gals at work were asking to purchase RPG and Bruja from me--to which I politely declined. I enjoy these colors too much to let them go!

                                                              RPG Swatched

Bruja is a super unique pink/grey mauve. This color reminds me of ghouls and spooks, but it's almost a nude enough shade to wear everyday. It's so on the fine line, it's like being in the grey area at a job. Not that I'm suggesting one do It's bold, it's different and it keeps things interesting!

Bruja Swatched.

Glamour Ghoul Glitters: (Are Half Off Right NOW!)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!! These are little jars containing 4 grams of amazing holographic glitter that just so happens to be small enough for eyes and lips. YESSS! I apply these with the Elf Makeup Lock & Seal and the Elf Glitter Primer. I ran out of my Pixie Epoxy and find that the Elf products work just as well. I have played around with these and I plan on using them in a few tutorials very soon! As soon as I have more time off from work to draw up some ideas, I will be sharing those ideas with you guys.So here's the low-down on these gorgeous jars of holographic goodness...

These jars retail for $9.00 each, but because there is a sale going on, you can snag them up for only $4.50 a piece which is pretty spectacular! The packaging is just too cute. As pictured above, there are "spooky" symbols all around the side of each jar. Awww...little cats and bats! If you are wanting to purchase these glitters, I'd def. do it now while there's a sale going on...that way, you can try out a few colors (or buy them all of course!) to visit the website, you can either click on the picture above or click here to visit the Glamour Ghoul Glitters in their store!

Ghouls Night Out is a beautiful purple shade with a holo rainbow of magenta, red, blue and violet. This color is extremely unique--I've never seen one this exact shade. I tried to capture the different shifts in this picture...I think it does it justice! This color is magnificent and it would make the One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People Eater totally jelly.

Ghouls Gold is where unicorns come from.  It's a beautiful gold glitter...and this holographic glitter is straight up full spectrum rainbow. That means there's a shift of yellow, orange, red, green, and violet. This is what David Bowie dreams of at night. With that being said, everyone who loves unicorns, rainbows and David Bowie should have this shade in their collection. It's like tasting the best ice-cream in the world--only it's glitter and you put this on your face of course. PLEASE DO NOT EAT IT. 

I tried to take a somewhat blurry picture to show you guys all of the different color shifts in the light. Do you see this!? This is hand's-down the prettiest glitter I've EVER had!

                   And then of course, here's a normal picture to show it's micro-sized glitters.

Glamour Ghoul is a very pretty kelly green glitter with a holographic shift of yellow, orange, teal, blue and lime green. I have plans for this as eyeliner as well as on top of a black lipstick...and it's going to be fabulous. I may even use this directly on top of my eyelids with a black and green smoky guys know that's green is my fave color and I'm going to come up with some pretty fun looks using this bad boy!

    You can see the little shifts of teal, lime green, blue, orange, yellow scattered about--this is absurdly fun. Yeah, it's so much fun that it's absurd. How's that glitter for ya?


I love all of these products, I really do. These products were the first that I had tried from this brand, and I actually prefer their lipstick formula over MAC's and the glitter makes me want to grab some adhesive and be fabulous, ALL day, EVERY day! I know that it's all about preference...and I just really enjoy the smooth creamy texture of the lipstick formula and the holo shifts of these glitters. I do not know how often they have a sale, but I know that right now the Glamour Ghoul Glitters are on sale for 50% right now which is great, so it would be absolutely worth it to sign up for their emails and newsletter of course to be notified when they do have sales. Have any of you tried this brand? What's your fave product? Which Apocalipstick is your fave shade? I'm an RPG/Bruja kinda girl! Ha ha ha! (It's kinda cute...I actually play RPG video games in my spare time--don't judge, lol)

After trying these products out (and falling head over heels for them) I am thinking about trying the Apocalipslick and the Hocus Pocus Eueshadow Palette when it's released! LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs has gained another fan, that's for sure!

The pictures taken from the website are not my own. All credit go to the website itself and the owner as well as the original photographer. All of these products were sent to me for review, however I was not paid for my review/opinion. My opinions of these products are my own and I would never have you guys waste your hard-earned cash monies on products that I wouldn't stand behind!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

*REVIEW* W7 Chunky Cheeks in London and Souffle Whip Up Your Lashes! Mascara

Charlotte from W7 was kind enough to send me a few products for review. All of the opinions on my blog are my own: I was not paid to review these items.

Let me start off by saying that I have seen these products all over Amazon and eBay for at least a year or two but I had never tried the brand until I had these 2 products in my possession. I feel extremely silly for NOT trying them when I had seen them online so much--but I was hesitant because I couldn't find out much about the products in terms of a good and thorough review. I did create a Youtube video in regards to these products and you can view it here:

Now for a more in depth review:

Let's start with the Souffle Whip Up Your Lashes! Mascara:

This is a matte black mascara. The brush is HUGE! It was intimidating at first, and I had no idea what to expect. My first thought was that I'm going to have mascara ALL over my eye area and that it would be such a mess...or that I would poke myself in the eye. I held my breath and slowly applied the mascara to my left eye, and then to my right. What I had found was that though the brush was huge, it coated every single lash evenly and separated each one! It wasn't hard to use at all--the application was VERY smooth and mess/hassle free. There was absolutely NO flaking, NO clumping, NO transferring and NO splattering...even my lower lashes which have a habit of sticking together (it's just because of how the lashes lay naturally, I'm weird, I know) were individually coated and resting nicely in place. One coat of this mascara is extremely nice for a nice natural day look or a "no makeup" look. 2 coats added a bit of volume and a bit of a curl (for reference, my lashes never curl. They are flat and boring, so this was a pleasant surprise!) It wasn't drastic, but this is perfect for when I'm going out during the day or when I want that natural kind of look.

The formula is actually pretty nice--it's lightweight and it's a medium consistency but feels extremely lightweight. It doesn't feel like I'm wearing mascara at all.

The brush is jam packed with bristles which is amazing for this formula--as I had previously mentioned, it helped to separate each lash.  (I demonstrate the application in the video above)

This lasted a whole work shift without chipping and flaking! And because it isn't waterproof, it was very easy to get off using just soap and water. No raccoon eyes here!

Now let's talk about the Chunky Cheeks Blush in London:

I've never had a blush with this consistency--it is soft and creamy but it feels nice...kinda like suede. It feels like a soft powder at first touch. I know that sounds weird, but it's the closest thing I could use as reference. It didn't feel like I was wearing anything at all on my cheeks. The pigmentation is VERY NICE and I was surprised that it actually lasted all day without being touched up. The product stayed in place with absolutely no fading! This shade (London) in particular is a nice pale but bright peach shade. It looks amazing on fair skin and I will be using this more than most of the other blushes I own this Summer. (I can't help it guys--this is so lightweight and it feels like I'm not wearing anything...and it reminds me a little bit of Benefit's Georgia in a cream form) This product packs quite a punch for the price (it retails on eBay and Amazon for around $4.65-$5 including shipping!) That's a pretty good price for 7 grams of product. The picture below is of the product twisted all of the way up, and at this point I have used this blush more than 10 times, which hardly put a dent in it!

And now for a swatch of London:

The swatch on the left is blended out. The swatch on the right is 2 layers. 

As you can see in the picture, this blends out really well! If you are a makeup noob or a pro, you can't really go wrong with this. The coverage is buildable so if you are wanting a nice fresh Summer cheek or if you really want to be a Glamazon, it's nice to know that can choose natural or bold with one product. I also just noticed that they have bronzers in the same packaging...and I REALLY want to try one of I'm going to be placing an order soon and of course I'll let you guys know what I think of them!

The one thing that makes me sad is that if I want to buy a product, I have to do it online instead of running out to a store. I can be a bit impatient at times, and I truly like these 2 products so much that I just wish I could run to CVS or Walgreens and pick up more from the brand. But I gotta be patient, lol. They might be really worth the wait! On the plus side though, they have multiple distributors around the world which is actually kind of cool, so no matter where you live...they can ship it to you! I think that's pretty awesome and guys these are extremely affordable!

Would I repurchase?

Absolutely!!! I plan on picking up one more of the Souffle mascara (I don't wear falsies, and this is low key but actually CURLED my lashes a bit--that is almost a damn miracle!) and I'd like to try their Loads of Lashes Mascara too (it has fibers like the Youcique Fiber Lash but for a waaaay better price) and I REALLY want to try the Chunky Cheeks blush in Tokyo and Paris! I'm also dying to try the Face Bronzing Powder in Honolulu because it reminds me of Benefit's Hoola...I have to find out if it's a dupe for that...and of course the Bronzing stick in the same packaging as the Chunky Cheeks blush. Umm, the list keeps Anyways, I really enjoy finding great products for an awesome price. I love my mid-high end stuff too, but sometimes I actually enjoy the cheaper product more--it just means I get to spend more money on shoes and dresses, ha ha ha!

Have any of you tried this brand? I'm making a list of things to try so if you have any suggestions or recommendations, please let me know! They have so many things I want to check out so I'd like to limit it to maybe 10 items for now.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

*Nails of The Week:* Underground Glam Feat. Broadway Nails and Julep!

I cannot recall how many compliments I have gotten from the gals I work with concerning this duo...but it's quite a bit! I was trying for something dark, glam and eye-catching and I believe this duo accomplished just that. I first applied Broadway Nail's Black Out (1 coat) and when that dried I applied Julep's Jordan (1 coat) and topped it off with Julep's Polymer Freedom Topcoat (My all-time fave top coat EVER)

                               Left to Right: Broadway Nail's Black Out and Julep's Jordan.

Now I purchased the Broadway Nails Nail Polish from Dollar General, and I believe they sell them for $1.00! This stuff dries so fast--I love all of mine personally, which is why I picked up a few for some of my giveaways here and on instagram.

As for the Julep Nail Polish in Jordan, you can find it here on Julep's website for $14.00 per bottle. Jordan is a unique colored glitter--at a glance you'd think it was a silver, but it's almost a steel blue grey color which just so happens to look magnificent when paired with a deep red, white or black base.

What nail polishes are you guys rocking this Summer? Any suggestions for a gal who is crazily in love with glitter and sparkle?

Monday, July 13, 2015

*REVIEW* Colourpop Blush and Highlighter in Mochi and Wisp!

What's this post about? Justthe  beautiful Colourpop  blush in Mochi and Highlighter in Wisp of course! I have a total of 4 now, so be expecting another post as soon as I can wear them a bit to review them! First off, let me say that these two shades are perfect for Summer. Mochi is a beautiful bright coral pink color blush with a hint of blue under tone. Wisp is a highlighter that's a super warm shimmery shade...which would compliment tan, medium and deeper skin tones. Wisp makes me wish I was tan right now, because I'd be wearing this ALL collarbone, shoulders, top of my cheeks, etc. So let's take a closer look at these two, shall we?

These two can be purchased from Colourpop's website for $8.00 a piece. 

Colourpop Blush in Mochi:

and the Highlighter in Wisp:

The packaging is exactly the same as their eyeshadow but larger.

Here's a closer look at Mochi (left) and Wisp (right)

Mochi is mostly a matte shade, but there's a slight iridescent blue undertone which is hardly noticeable unless you look very closely. Wisp is a warm champagne gold shade with TONS of micro shimmer that's extremely finely milled.  The shimmer from Wisp is thick, giving it a metallic finish. Let's play robots? Ummm yessss! The formula is very creamy...almost gel-like and very soft. 


Mochi: A bright coral pink shade heavily swatched and then blended out. Wisp: Golden goodness...heavily swatched and then blended out.

Closer pic of the Mochi swatches: Top heavily swatched, bottom blended out.

Closer pic of Wisp: Left swatch is blended out, and on the right is the heavy swatch.

The Lowdown:

These are both beautiful. The formula lasted on me personally for around 7 hours. That's pretty good considering that most drugstore blushes only last around 4 hours on me and cost a bit more. So the price point is pretty good, the color selection is expanding and pigmentation is quite nice! I really enjoy the lightweight formula and the staying power is great for the price. If I decide to tan this Summer, Wisp is going to be my go-to...and even if I do not tan at all, I will be using this shade on my clients! It's too pretty to sit in a drawer, ha ha ha!

Have you tried any of Colourpop's products? Which is your fave? Let me know!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

*TUTORIAL* Easy Nude Smoky Eye Feat. the ELF Need It Nude Palette

So today I will be showing you how to achieve this super simple yet versatile look:

First off, I just want to say that when I made a video using this palette, I noticed that there were enough shades to create a MATTE eye look with this palette as well. So that's what I set out to do guys...I used the 4 matte shades to create a beautiful, simple yet elegant look that's great for work, weddings, dates, and so much more! Because it's a slightly smoky look, you can easily dress this look up, or down to your liking. I really feel that this look would compliment anyone and it really was easy to do!

So, let's get down to business!


* Elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
* Elf Smudge Pots in Pearls of Wisdom and Coco Cutie
* Elf Mineral Infused Mascara
* Colourpop Blush in Tasty
* Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette (Incandescent Light)
* MAC Lip Liner in Subculture
* Elf Mineral Lipstick in Rosy Tan
* Elf Brow Lifter and Filler (Pale side for my waterline)
* Elf Need It Nude Palette

Step 1: I primed my eyelids using the Elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer in Sheer.

I patted it gently and let it set for a minute.

Step 2: I then applied a small amount of Elf's Smudge Pot in Pearls of Wisdom to my eyelid ONLY.

Step 3: I then applied a small amount of the Elf Smudge Pot in Coco Cutie to my outer crease only, gently blending with my finger.

Step 4: I then applied the creamy nude beige matte shade to my entire eyelid.

Step 5: I then applied the second darkest matte shade onto my crease and blended it outwards and upwards.

Step 6: Using a small tapered precision brush, I gently patted a small amount of the darkest matte shade onto my outer V blending it gently upwards and outwards for a soft smoky effect. 

Step 7: I then applied the creamy ivory shade onto my brow bone as a highlight. I gently blended it into the other shades below it where they met.

Step 8: I then lined my lash line in a tiny cat-eye using the Elf Intense Ink Liner.

 Step 9: Using a small precision brush, I applied a small amount of the Elf Smudge Pot in Coco Cutie directly under my lower lash line. I smudged it well to soften and smoke the under eye area.

Step 10: I then applied the second darkest matte shade right on top of the Coco Cutie that I applied under my lower lash line and smoked it out a bit more.

Step 11: I then applied the Elf Eyebrow Lifter & Filler (The light shade) as a liner for my waterline.

Step 12: I then coated my lashes with a black mascara. this one is Elf's Mineral Infused Mascara.

Step 13: I then applied a Colourpop Blush in the shade Tasty to my cheeks.

Step 14: I then lined my lips using MAC's Subculture.

Step 15: I then filled my lips in using the Elf Mineral lipstick in Rosy Tan.

Step 16: I then highlighted the top of my cheeks, cupid's bow, forehead and chin with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette (Incandescent Light)

Here you have it! A really simple and delicate look that's just perfect for date night's weddings, school functions, work, you name it! It's matte and neutral, so it will go with almost any outfit, any skin tone, and would be easy to dress up or to pair with jeans and a t-shirt.

Have you guys tried this palette yet? What are your thoughts on it? I really like it and I'm glad to have it in my collection. I haven't even touched my Naked palette since purchasing this! I find that the formula is easy to work with and when paired with a primer lasts a good while (7 hours is the longest I've tested it for)
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