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*REVIEW* W7 Chunky Cheeks in London and Souffle Whip Up Your Lashes! Mascara

Charlotte from W7 was kind enough to send me a few products for review. All of the opinions on my blog are my own: I was not paid to review these items.

Let me start off by saying that I have seen these products all over Amazon and eBay for at least a year or two but I had never tried the brand until I had these 2 products in my possession. I feel extremely silly for NOT trying them when I had seen them online so much--but I was hesitant because I couldn't find out much about the products in terms of a good and thorough review. I did create a Youtube video in regards to these products and you can view it here:

Now for a more in depth review:

Let's start with the Souffle Whip Up Your Lashes! Mascara:

This is a matte black mascara. The brush is HUGE! It was intimidating at first, and I had no idea what to expect. My first thought was that I'm going to have mascara ALL over my eye area and that it would be such a mess...or that I would poke myself in the eye. I held my breath and slowly applied the mascara to my left eye, and then to my right. What I had found was that though the brush was huge, it coated every single lash evenly and separated each one! It wasn't hard to use at all--the application was VERY smooth and mess/hassle free. There was absolutely NO flaking, NO clumping, NO transferring and NO splattering...even my lower lashes which have a habit of sticking together (it's just because of how the lashes lay naturally, I'm weird, I know) were individually coated and resting nicely in place. One coat of this mascara is extremely nice for a nice natural day look or a "no makeup" look. 2 coats added a bit of volume and a bit of a curl (for reference, my lashes never curl. They are flat and boring, so this was a pleasant surprise!) It wasn't drastic, but this is perfect for when I'm going out during the day or when I want that natural kind of look.

The formula is actually pretty nice--it's lightweight and it's a medium consistency but feels extremely lightweight. It doesn't feel like I'm wearing mascara at all.

The brush is jam packed with bristles which is amazing for this formula--as I had previously mentioned, it helped to separate each lash.  (I demonstrate the application in the video above)

This lasted a whole work shift without chipping and flaking! And because it isn't waterproof, it was very easy to get off using just soap and water. No raccoon eyes here!

Now let's talk about the Chunky Cheeks Blush in London:

I've never had a blush with this consistency--it is soft and creamy but it feels nice...kinda like suede. It feels like a soft powder at first touch. I know that sounds weird, but it's the closest thing I could use as reference. It didn't feel like I was wearing anything at all on my cheeks. The pigmentation is VERY NICE and I was surprised that it actually lasted all day without being touched up. The product stayed in place with absolutely no fading! This shade (London) in particular is a nice pale but bright peach shade. It looks amazing on fair skin and I will be using this more than most of the other blushes I own this Summer. (I can't help it guys--this is so lightweight and it feels like I'm not wearing anything...and it reminds me a little bit of Benefit's Georgia in a cream form) This product packs quite a punch for the price (it retails on eBay and Amazon for around $4.65-$5 including shipping!) That's a pretty good price for 7 grams of product. The picture below is of the product twisted all of the way up, and at this point I have used this blush more than 10 times, which hardly put a dent in it!

And now for a swatch of London:

The swatch on the left is blended out. The swatch on the right is 2 layers. 

As you can see in the picture, this blends out really well! If you are a makeup noob or a pro, you can't really go wrong with this. The coverage is buildable so if you are wanting a nice fresh Summer cheek or if you really want to be a Glamazon, it's nice to know that can choose natural or bold with one product. I also just noticed that they have bronzers in the same packaging...and I REALLY want to try one of I'm going to be placing an order soon and of course I'll let you guys know what I think of them!

The one thing that makes me sad is that if I want to buy a product, I have to do it online instead of running out to a store. I can be a bit impatient at times, and I truly like these 2 products so much that I just wish I could run to CVS or Walgreens and pick up more from the brand. But I gotta be patient, lol. They might be really worth the wait! On the plus side though, they have multiple distributors around the world which is actually kind of cool, so no matter where you live...they can ship it to you! I think that's pretty awesome and guys these are extremely affordable!

Would I repurchase?

Absolutely!!! I plan on picking up one more of the Souffle mascara (I don't wear falsies, and this is low key but actually CURLED my lashes a bit--that is almost a damn miracle!) and I'd like to try their Loads of Lashes Mascara too (it has fibers like the Youcique Fiber Lash but for a waaaay better price) and I REALLY want to try the Chunky Cheeks blush in Tokyo and Paris! I'm also dying to try the Face Bronzing Powder in Honolulu because it reminds me of Benefit's Hoola...I have to find out if it's a dupe for that...and of course the Bronzing stick in the same packaging as the Chunky Cheeks blush. Umm, the list keeps Anyways, I really enjoy finding great products for an awesome price. I love my mid-high end stuff too, but sometimes I actually enjoy the cheaper product more--it just means I get to spend more money on shoes and dresses, ha ha ha!

Have any of you tried this brand? I'm making a list of things to try so if you have any suggestions or recommendations, please let me know! They have so many things I want to check out so I'd like to limit it to maybe 10 items for now.
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