Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Chit Chat and Asian Skin Care Haul

Chit Chat and Asian Skin Care Haul Hey Guys and Dolls! I FINALLY got a new computer, new lights and a new camera! What better way to make a comeback than posting a skin care haul? I've missed you guys so much, it's been crazy! What content would you guys like to see from me in the future? These items were paid for by myself with my own money.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

*REVIEW* Franck Olivier's Bamboo Eau de Parfum

A coworker and I have been discussing fragrances lately. She was on a hunt for a new scent, and I was looking for something a little more "mature" to wear considering that out of 30 perfumes and sprays I own, every single one of them are fruity, sweet and gourmand. I have never really been a fan of floral scents--quite a few of them give me a headache, so I'm extra picky on what I spray on my person. I was offered a chance to try out Bamboo, on the fragranceoutlet.com website, which by all intents and purposes is COMPLETELY different from my usual sweet-citrus-vanilla lineup. I was given this perfume to review, and I placed an order with the website as well for some bath bombs (I've NEVER tried a bath bomb before!) and a few lotions to keep at home and at work--meaning that I was not compensated anything but the product itself, and I have been wearing it for a few weeks so I could give it a thorough review. I'm honest and upfront about these things.

So let's dive in and see what the product's like:

The perfume is actually a light misty-rose pink shade. The bottle is stunning--it's quite thick and hefty, which is something I wasn't really expecting. My only complaint that I have with it's design is that the metal does hang onto any fingerprints that it can. The spray nozzle emits a thorough and even fine mist, so that's pretty nice. You can click on the pictures to visit the website or you can visit https://www.fragranceoutlet.com/ to check out their huge selection (and some are discounted right now as well--they have been discounted for at least a few weeks by now)

The bottle itself is embossed with bamboo stem, which is beautiful.

So how does it smell?

Top notes are Blackcurrent, Violet Leaves, Ivy.
Middle notes are Lily, Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Freesia.
Base Notes are Musk, Cedar, Vetiver.

Perfume's can morph from person to person due to chemistry, which is why it's pretty difficult to review a perfume. I've had so many friends offer for me try their favorite scents, and most of them just smell overbearingly floral or far too sweet on myself. This scent is STRONG, but not in a bad way--and for being strong, it's strangely light at the same time. It's hard to explain, but it's a good thing!
I personally HATE freesia (gives me major mad headaches) and I did not notice much of it at all. At first spray, I noticed the Ivy...kind of like a freshly cut grass with a lingering rose and a hint of musk. After the alcohol dried down, I was smelling the Ylang-Ylang (which I LOVE) and a bit of a smokey wood and just a tiny bit of the blackcurrent. It was awesome! I kept sniffing myself at work (11 hour days at the office) and taking notes. On the 5th hour, some of the lily crept up with the Ivy. I was not able to smell it after the 7th hour, which does not bother me. It's kind of heavy to carry around in my purse and the cap kept coming off--so I wouldn't suggest carting it around with you. If I had an atomizer though, (which I am purchasing just for this one specifically) I can majorly see myself carrying this in my purse and spritzing it when needed.

Price Point:

At $89.00, this is the most expensive perfume that I own. What's cool is the fact that if any of you were thinking about trying this out, it's evidently on sale for 50% off right now over at the Fragrance Outlet website, which makes it waaay more affordable to give a go for yourself or maybe as a gift for a family member, sister or friend! I actually would repurchase this! Of course I would look for a promo code or wait for a discount (if I run out close to a Holiday because most sites have awesome promotions during them!) but it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me--this is my first sophisticated scent, and I work at a corporate office of a multi-billion dollar private company (I'm pretty high up on the "Corporate Ladder" and I wouldn't want to give anyone headaches or make them nauseous!) and my coworkers have to deal with me for many hours a day. It's nice to find something that is luxurious and light enough to wear. Let's face it, if you smell nice, it gives you confidence! If you smell rather awful--everyone's going to make excuses to be as far away from you as possible...and then feelings get hurt. Yeah.

I made so many people smell this (including my coworkers) and everyone agreed that it was a "sophisticated, mature and beautiful" scent. It's light and fresh, so I can imagine myself wearing this when I'm going out during the day time. I'm thinking for things like day dates, lunches, meetings, family gatherings, shopping or again, at the office. It was light enough to not bother my coworkers, yet I still smelled very pretty!

Of course I made my boyfriend smell this, and he's REALLY picky. He's far more picky than I am (that's saying a lot!) and he really liked this perfume. He said that it smelled really nice and he agreed that it was a pretty and mature kind of scent...so I'll be wearing this next month for my Birthday.

This scent isn't very "sexy" or "seductive," it's very fun yet mature and innocent. It's a scent that's smells of confidence.

Have any of you tried this scent yet? If so, what did you think?

I'm really curious to know what YOUR fave perfumes are! I'm really enjoying this one quite a bit, however I'd still like to try others as well.

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