Monday, July 27, 2015

*REVIEW* Glitter Lambs Nail Polish in Kawaii Bake Sale!

This amazing glitter topper nail polish is Kawaii Bake Sale by Glitter Lambs. You can find her store on Her nail polishes retail for $4.94-$6.94 and are worth every penny! This one is $6.94 which is a GREAT price for an indie nail polish! So if you love indies, or you are new to indies, you should give her shop a look-over!

I just had to share how beautiful this nail polish is! Jamie from Glitter Lambs was kind enough to provide me with a few of her gorgeous nail polishes for review! This specific polish was love at first coat. There's just something magical about the glitter combination...chunky white polka dots, small soft baby pink, small soft baby blue, with a gold hologaphic glitter that shifts to a beautiful blue. This nail polish reminds me of Spring, lavender buds, childhood tea parties and fairies. So let's get down to business, shall we?

This polish is somewhat thick. The suspension of the glitter is even from top to bottom and the glitter is evenly dispersed throughout the bottle. This nail polish dried incredibly fast--which totally blew my mind! I have so many glitter polishes that are of a thicker consistency which take some (I have hardly any patience and I smudge my nails's a curse!) This polish dried within 5 minutes with no aid--and I even used 2 different layers of it. The drying time of a formula is HUGE for me--ain't nobody got time to wait 30 minutes for one's nails to dry! I'm a busy gal and this alone gave it a thumb's up. I wore this polish for a 6 days with no chipping. The topcoat that I used was Julep's Freedom Polymer Top Coat. I type all day at my job, so usually the very edge of my nails chip within a few days. On the morning of the 7th day, 2 nails had finally chipped at the very edge. I think that's pretty awesome! Honestly, I try to paint my nails once a week, but sometimes life happens and if my nails still look nice, I will wear the polish for a few more days until I have a day off and a chance to redo them.

So let's take a closer look at just how beautiful this nail polish truly is!

                                   Here is a macro of the polish. Isn't it beautiful!?

Here is a swatch and a few drops. 

I've never tried painting jewelry with polish, but I've thought about it before--when I decide to do so, I will be using this shade. This color looks gorgeous over a white base, baby blue blase, yellow base and lavender...but we are all artists so I bet you could make it look awesome with almost any color you pair it with!

A few gals at work REALLY loved this polish. The next time I wear a sundress, this is going to be on my nails and my toenails. It's too pretty to not wear it every place that I can!

Jamie has an amazingly fun collection of pretties in her store--from quirky to elegant, there's a polish for everyone!

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