Wednesday, April 23, 2014

FOTD Smoldering Blue Eyeshadow

Oh maaaaaaaan, it's another Face of the Day Y'all! (Insert Missouri Hillbilly-esque twang here)

I have also filmed a tutorial for you guys featuring this look and it will be up on my Youtube Channel very soon! Almost ALL of these products were SUPER affordable, and I'm madly in love with the smudge pots!!!

Thank you guys for viewing!

In all seriousness, I love this look. I LOVE bold eyeshadow.

Products Used:

Urban Decay Eyeliner in LSD
Elf Glitter Primer
Elf Essential Smudge Pot in Ocean Bound
Elf Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow (Gold Shade)
Elf Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in French Lace
Elf Precision Liquid Liner
Makeup Academy Smokin Eye Pencil
MAC blush in Sunbasque
Elf Mascara Primer
Elf Mineral Infused Mascara
Elf baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearl
Elf Blush and Bronzing Cream
Elf Essential Lipstick in Charming

Saturday, April 19, 2014

$20.00 FREE Clothing and FREE Shipping too! (Through Tomorrow Only)

I have blogged about these deals before, but this ia AWESOME enough to share again! is a website that sells high-end, name-brand, discounted secondhand clothes is still offering new members a FREE $10 credit whenever they sign up for an account! And it gets even BETTER! If you have an iPhone or an iPad, download LikeTwice's  iTunes app and score another free $10 credit, which means $20.00 in FREE CREDIT! Just start the application, then sign-in and the $10 credit will automatically show up in your account!
And just when I thought it couldn't get EVEN BETTER, use the code "EASTEREGG" to score FREE shipping too! This is not a joke gals, this is just awesome! I myself have made many purchases on the site, and they ship so fast, (I literally got my DKNY Blazer that I paid $10.00 for within 4 days) and I cannot possibly say enough good things about this site without typing up a 10 page blog post. Items are going to go fast, as they usually only have one in stock of something at a time, but it's worth checking out! You can search by size as well. 

Here are some things you could get for FREE that I was able to spot:

There are skirts, pants, tops, dresses and many more...I would be spending all night taking screen shots of all the good stuff, lol. Let me know what you get! 

Spring Survival: 4 Coral Lippies You Have To Try!

I am SO happy that the weather in Missouri is FINALLY starting to get warmer! In pure joy, I frolicked straight to my Lipstick Drawer. (Yeah, I actually have a dresser drawer full of nothing but lipsticks) and I went through all of them to find ones for Spring to keep on my vanity top. I have about 50 lippies that I want to blog about, but decided that if I did it all at once, it'd take not only forever to type, but also forever for you guys to read, ha ha ha. Hence why I'm going to do a handful at a time with pictures and swatches and descriptions of the colors to help you decide if maybe one, two or even more will work for you! Now I will be blogging about High-end, Low-end, Mid-end...lipsticks, lip glosses, butters, balms, etc. EVERYTHING LIPS for your viewing pleasure. So, let's start!


This bright orangey-pink shade is gorgeous for Spring. It's matte with a bit of a glossy finish. The coverage can be buildable, but for the most part, it's very sheer. It's a very thin product and smells minty. The color transfers a bit lighter than it looks like it would, but like I mentioned before: The coverage is buildable.


This Lip Balm smells nice, tastes nice and is a matte shade, very sheer and SUPER glossy. It's sheer enough to leave a nice natural looking tint, but wouldn't be buildable.


This shade is as Coral as the vintage lipsticks you'd find in your Grandmother's purse. It's a very vintage coral that's beautifuly matte-and the coverage is Fair. It still may seem a tad sheer, but it is buildable. There is a small gloss finish to this one.


If you are looking for a bright lip gloss, this one's for you. It's more orange than pink in color, and it has a thin and light texture. It's sheer, but pigmented enough to show up orange with a few swipes. This has a medium glossy finish, and it's matte.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bath & Body Works $5.00 Aromatherapy Creams--Today ONLY!

So Bath & Body Works is having a deal today for $5.00 Aromatherapy Creams! Keep in mind that shipping is a flat rate of just $5.99 OR you can get $1 shipping with a $25.00 purchase when you use the promo code HOPPYSHIP at checkout, making this an AWESOME deal! (Stock up for Birthdays, Christmas, MOTHER'S DAY etc!)

Other codes to use: S142689 to save $10 off a $30 purchase
                              BESTEVER to get 20% off your online order

You can ONLY use one code per order, so see which one works best for you!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 40% OFF SITEWIDE!

Just a head's up guys! is having a 40% OFF sale sitewide through the 21st! Here are some bargains I was able to spot!


Let me know what deals you guys find!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Naked Basics + Elf Glitter Eyeshadow in Cowgirl Tutorial

Products Used:

Elf Glitter Primer
Rimmel Scandaleyes Stick in Witness White
Urban Decay Naked basics
Elf Glitter Eyeshadow in Cowgirl
Lorac Grey Eyeliner
Urban Decay Gunmetal Liner
Elf Mascara Primer
Lorac Tye Dye Gloss in Social Mixer
MAC blush in Personal Style
Rimmel London Accelerator Lash Grow Mascara

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Urban Decay Mariposa Tutorial #2

I still can't believe that I've had this palette for SO LONG and hardly even touched it. I'm messing around with it to see what variety of looks I can pull off with it in hopes that I start reaching for it more often!

Urban Decay Mariposa palette
Rimmel ScandalEyes Eyeliner in Black
Elf Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in Little Miss Thing
Elf Mascara Primer
Elf Mineral Infused mascara
Elf Glitter Primer
Elf Mineral Lip Gloss in Bare
Elf Baked Blush in Rich Rose
Urban Decay Eyeliner in Stash

Products Used Pre-Tutorial:

Elf BB Cream in Fair
Elf Baked Bronzer in Maui
Elf Eyebrow Treat and Tame in Ash

Let me know what you guys think of this tutorial!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Urban Decay Mariposa Palette Smoky Blue Tutorial

I had the craving to dye my hair blue again last night. Well, after I did, I wanted something playful and flirty to help accentuate my look...and that's where makeup came in!

Let's get on with the tutorial!

Prime your eyelids. I'm using my Elf Glitter Primer.

Next I had taken Elf's Jumbo Eyeshadow Crayon in Forest Nymph and applied it to my eyelids. I smudged it to soften it a bit as a base for a smoky eye.

For this next step, I had taken Mushroom from the Mariposa palette and I applied this to both my inner and outer corners of my eyelids. I left a space in the middle of my eyelids where I will be applying a different color. I also brought Mushroom right above my crease as well to blend and smoke out with my highlight shade.

Next, I had taken the shade Haight and applied it directly to the open space on my eyelids. I softly patted it back and forth to somewhat blend it into Mushroom.

I then applied Skimp under my brow to highlight this look. I also blended a bit into the very top of Mushroom.

Next I applied a bit of the Elf Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in Forest Nymph again, but this time I used a smudge stick and applied it under my lower lash line.

Next I dipped a sponge applicator back into Mushroom, and patted it directly on top of the where I applied the Elf Eyeshadow Stick.

I then lined my waterline with Too Faced's Perfect Black Eyeliner.

Next I applied a black gel liner from the Music Flower Gel liner palette and created a wing.

I then coated my lashes with a coat of Smashbox's Full Exposure Mascara to top off the look.

This is the finished look! What do you guys think of this eyeshadow look? Would you try it?
Thank you for viewing!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NOTD! Black Multi-Colored Nail Tips!

This is my first actual "NOTD" or "Nails of the Day" Post. I can't wait to share how I do my nails with you guys! I always buy my products on eBay and it may cost me maybe $0.50-$1.00 each time I do my own gels. This is a fraction of the cost that you'd fork over at a salon and it's SO FRIGGIN EASY.

I'm in the process of making tutorials to upload for you guys, and I will absolutely be making one of how I did this set!

On to the picture:

I purchased the nail tips pre-glittered from eBay HERE.

I just glued them on and applied my gel. So easy, effortless and I was finished in no time!

I loved these so much that I'm going to try out a few other nail tips from this seller. I paid less than $3.00 for 50 nails, and they are SO beautiful! How do you guys do your nails? What products do you prefer?

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