Friday, November 8, 2013

Miss You Lovelies! And Thanks for Over 200,000 Hits!

Hey Beauties! 
I have been MIA for a while, and I wish that I wasn't. I have been forced to move, due to my health and disrespectful roommates. Due to the unclean living conditions at the previous apartment, I had a terrible lung infection that turned into a bout with Bronchitis. I had an ugly allergic reaction to ammonia and It has lasted weeks, and in fact is currently still making me miserable.  I'm starting to feel better, so as soon as I fully recover, I will be back! I have so many things in store for you guys! I met a few photographers, models, and have recieved numerous messages from models that were a part of a local photography group that I was once a part of stating that they would enjoy my services further, I am working on a cosmetic line with a friend of mine to be debuted in the next few months, and I will have a few Guest Bloggers for you guys! I am super excited, and everything is awesome right now! I am also contemplating posting a page on Fashion for you all! I hope that you guys are just as excited as I am about all of the new things to come! My dream is to make this blog as helpful and awesome as possible! Also, I want to thank you for viewing my blog this past year! I have had over 200,000 hits! This past year has been such a busy one for sure! Thank you, thank you everyone! I can't wait to show you all of the cool things I'm planning!
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