Monday, July 13, 2015

*REVIEW* Colourpop Blush and Highlighter in Mochi and Wisp!

What's this post about? Justthe  beautiful Colourpop  blush in Mochi and Highlighter in Wisp of course! I have a total of 4 now, so be expecting another post as soon as I can wear them a bit to review them! First off, let me say that these two shades are perfect for Summer. Mochi is a beautiful bright coral pink color blush with a hint of blue under tone. Wisp is a highlighter that's a super warm shimmery shade...which would compliment tan, medium and deeper skin tones. Wisp makes me wish I was tan right now, because I'd be wearing this ALL collarbone, shoulders, top of my cheeks, etc. So let's take a closer look at these two, shall we?

These two can be purchased from Colourpop's website for $8.00 a piece. 

Colourpop Blush in Mochi:

and the Highlighter in Wisp:

The packaging is exactly the same as their eyeshadow but larger.

Here's a closer look at Mochi (left) and Wisp (right)

Mochi is mostly a matte shade, but there's a slight iridescent blue undertone which is hardly noticeable unless you look very closely. Wisp is a warm champagne gold shade with TONS of micro shimmer that's extremely finely milled.  The shimmer from Wisp is thick, giving it a metallic finish. Let's play robots? Ummm yessss! The formula is very creamy...almost gel-like and very soft. 


Mochi: A bright coral pink shade heavily swatched and then blended out. Wisp: Golden goodness...heavily swatched and then blended out.

Closer pic of the Mochi swatches: Top heavily swatched, bottom blended out.

Closer pic of Wisp: Left swatch is blended out, and on the right is the heavy swatch.

The Lowdown:

These are both beautiful. The formula lasted on me personally for around 7 hours. That's pretty good considering that most drugstore blushes only last around 4 hours on me and cost a bit more. So the price point is pretty good, the color selection is expanding and pigmentation is quite nice! I really enjoy the lightweight formula and the staying power is great for the price. If I decide to tan this Summer, Wisp is going to be my go-to...and even if I do not tan at all, I will be using this shade on my clients! It's too pretty to sit in a drawer, ha ha ha!

Have you tried any of Colourpop's products? Which is your fave? Let me know!

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