Friday, August 29, 2014

FOTN Using Sugarpill's Burning Heart Palette!

I love Fall colors! This look was created using the Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette, Elf Baked Eyeshadow in Chocolate Dream, Urban Decay's 1999 24/7 Liner, Elf's Smudge Pot in Pearls of Wisdom, Too Faced Perfect Black Liner and Elf's Mineral Infused Mascara.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sales! Lorac Cosmetics, SUPER CHEAP Clothing (Including Plus Size!) Shoes, Jewelry, and MORE!

I'm so sorry for my absence guys! I started a new job, and I've been frightfully busy as of late. I have some posts planned very soon for you guys that I can't wait to share with you all! Also, if you haven't entered my Giveaway for the Clutch and the necklace, you should enter soon! THERE'S ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT! There are only 250 entries so far, so seriously, ANYONE can win!

With Labor Day just around the corner, I'm here to update you guys on some must-snag sale items! This post is PICTURE HEAVY. I will be posting sales as I see them all week long, to prepare for next weekend's holiday MADNESS, lol.

(Edit: Glamglow was on sale at a website that I checked out, but all of it had sold out before I finished and posted this post! I'll keep my eyes out for it the next time it comes around, and I will hopefully be able to save you guys $20 off their products or more! Sorry about that everyone. Good deals go fast!)

DailyLook is having a 70%  percent off sale right now, and there are SO MANY CUTE THINGS UNDER $8.00 OMG. Here are some super sweet deals I found:

Aaaaaand there's so much more, but I wanted to leave room on this post for more online stores! I'm stocking up on tights/hose for Fall and Winter, and who doesn't love an adorable coral clutch? I'm thinking Christmas gifts for my lady friends!

Hautelook is having a sale with LORAC (OMG YESSS!) These deals are the BEST wau to get your hands on some loved and coveted faves in the beauty community! There are glosses on sale for $4.00 Regularly $22.00! Palettes are $10-$12.00!!! Not a joke--this is an AMAZING DEAL!  Check them out here:

I have my eyes on ALL of the palettes and 5 glosses and some of that Tantalizer that I heard was pretty freaking great. Yep. And again, Christmas gifts! I just LOVE when Lorac, Stila, The Balm and Urban Decay have sales on hautelook! 

(Edit: I didn't want to spend ALL of my money in one place, so I picked up the Lorac SummerGLO Palette and the Aquamarine Gel Liner, because these shades will work very well with Fall, and the Peach, Purple and Blue shades in the palette will look lovely this coming Winter and Spring!) Has a few notable sale items in the "Last Chance" Section. Here are some super sweet deals I found:

 I love those heels! The shoes and a few other things I hadn't listed are about as good as it gets in the sale section. They do have a TON of dresses for sale as well, so for those of you who are looking for a cute yet inexpensive outfit for New Years, it's def. worth a look! is having an ADDITIONAL 40% OFF their Clearance Section too! Keep in mind that the price AUTOMATICALLY adjusts after the item is placed into your cart! I wear a size XL in most brands, and I'm ECSTATIC about finding DIRT CHEAP DRESSES in MY SIZE! Here are some pretty great finds:

And there are just so many more items I could list, but damn! I gotta go to sleep! Just remember that they price for these items at adjust as soon as you add the item to your cart! As I previously stated, I will be scouring the net for sales ALL WEEK LONG. As soon as I hear about them, you will too! Def keep checking back every so often for new posts during the week!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Fave Red Lippies for Fall!

I am trying to get more in touch with my femme fatale side--which means rocking some killer hot red lips! I've went through my collection and artistry kit, and though I have over 30 lipsticks of various red shades, these made the final cut!

Pictured: Tarte Lipsurgence in Promise, Elf Mineral Lipstick in Cool Coral, Elf Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in Movie Star, Mac Retro Matte Relentlessly Red, Rimmel Kate lasting Finish Lipstick in 107, Mac Cockney, Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple

First of all, please ignore my face. I'm not wearing anything but lipstick in these pictures so that they would remain the only color on my face. That way, there wouldn't be any other shades taking away from the potential potency of these reds.

Tarte Lipsurgence in Promise:
This shade is a medium deep red that's matte and has a minty feel. It's moisturizing, and the formula lasts longer than your average lipstick. Def. worth checking out!

Mac Cockney:
This red is bright. Think of an "Apple" type of red, but with tiny flecks of shimmer. the shimmer is small, so it's hardly noticeable. For those of you looking for a "true red," this is it. The formula lasts about as long as an average lipstick. It's somewhat shiny, and I think that's what prevents the color from lasting much longer.

Elf Mineral Lipstick in Cool Coral:
This was my go-to shade when I had red hair. It's a beautiful gold red, but it's a bit on the peachy side. Think of red/peach with a golden sheen. (no glitter) Perfect for olive skinned people and pale people and those of you who want to try red shades and still hanging out in your comfort zone. (Especially redheads!) The formula is nice and creamy--very moisturizing. The formula lasts as long as your average lipstick.

  Rimmel Kate lasting Finish Lipstick in 107:
This shade is beautiful! think vampire red--seductive, bold, a crimson color of matte garnet. Wonderful formula, lasts longer than your average lipstick and feels awesome too! This shade is perfect for Fall and Winter, holiday parties, nights out on the town and has impressed me with every turn.

Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple:
This shade is sheer and shiny. I love the color because it's another shade for those of us who want to wear red without screaming the fact the we're doing so. It's subtle, and allows us to dress up any outfit yet can be casual enough to wear to work. The formula does not last long though, and you'll find yourself reapplying it often. It's very moisturizing though, and I like that.

Elf Jumbo Gloss in Movie Star:
This is another shade to test out if you are unsure about wearing bold lip colors. It's light, sheer and extremely moisturizing. It's more of a balm than a gloss, and I enjoy that since I'm just not into gloss much at all. you will have to reapply this product often though.

Mac Retro Matte Relentlessly Red:
This is more of a neon pink kinda red. Def. flirty and fun, but it's a few steps away from a traditional red. I do enjoy it quite a bit. It lasts longer than most lipstick formulas, so you won't have to apply it as often. It's light and as the name says- matte. Super fun if you want to be bold and try something different!

Do any of you have a suggestion for red lipsticks for Fall? Which ones are your faves?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fall Cat Eye Tutorial using Urban Decay's Naked Palette

I love this look so much! It's sexy, yet sophisticated enough to wear to work as well as during a night out.

Step 1: I primed my eyelids using the Elf Hydrating Under Eye Primer.

Step 2: I applied the Elf Studio Kohl Eyeliner (Black) on the outer crease of my eye and the outer edge of my lid. I then smudged it inwards using a brush. (Not pictured. You could also use your fingers and just blend the outer part of your eyelid inward to transition the other products that we will be using) Try to keep the outside shape of the black liner crisp, as this is an abrupt and sharp line.

Step 3: I then applied the Urban Decay Shadow in Shakedown directly on top of the black liner, every where I applied the dark liner.

Step 4: I then applied the shade Naked between the outer edge of my eyelid and the center of my eyelid, softly blending it into Shakedown.

Step 5: I then applied Sin directly next to Naked, leaving a large amount of space for a shade that I will be applying to the inner corner of my lid.

Step 6: I then applied the Elf Baked Eyeshadow in Moonlight Serenade on top of Naked and Sin, bringing it into the inner corner of my eyelid.

Step 7: I then applied the Elf Mineral Eyeshadow in Angelic as a highlight to my brow as well as the very inner corner of my eyelid and tear duct area. (Use a TINY amount, this is super pigmented!)

Step 8: I then used a white jumbo eyeshadow pencil by Rimmel in Witness White directly under my lower lash line. This will serve as a light adhesive for the next few steps.

Step 9: I then applied the shade Virgin from the inner corner of my lower lash line to a bit past the middle.

Step 10: I then applied the shade Darkhorse to the outer edge of my lower lash line area and brought it inwards and blended it with Virgin.

Step 11: I then used Kryolan's Aqua Color in Black as an eyeliner for my cat eye.

Step 12: I then applied a black mascara. This one is Elf's Mineral Infused Mascara.

Step 13: I then applied a black eyeliner to my waterline. This one is the Too Faced Perfect Black.

Step 14: I then applied a pretty rich coral blush. This one is the Elf Blush Palette in Dark. (I'm using the one that I'm pointing at)

Step 15: I decided to downplay the lips a bit to keep this look work friendly. I used Mac's Prive' Lipstick, which is a nude muted pink.

The Finished Look:

So what do you guys think of this look? Would you wear it to work or out for a date?
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