Sunday, March 30, 2014

FOTD Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette!

OMG my package came! I was able to swoop up the Too faced Chocolate Bar Palette for only $30.00!

Here's my Face of the Day! (Scroll down for products used)

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
Brown Cream Liner from Music Flower
Benefit They're Real Mascara
Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream Duo in St. Lucia
Elf Body Shimmer in Mystic Moonlight
POP Pouty Pop Crayon in Barely Bitten

Have you tried this palette yet!? IT'S SO AWESOME.
Thanks for viewing!

Friday, March 28, 2014

**Flat Irons, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Clothes, Etc. & FREE $10.00 Credit!**

So while checking my email, I came across a few items that I wanted to share with you guys!

For those of us who are looking for some *bling,* some fun additions to your wardrobe or looking to stock up for gifts for friends and family, (Think Birthdays, Christmas, etc) this post is for you!

(Keep in mind, nomorerack will give you a $10.00 for signing up when you click on the links I provided. The shipping is a flat rate of $2.00 per item.) They have marked down quite a bit of stuff, so I though I'd let you guys know!

I found these gorgeous Sterling Silver CZ earrings on nomorerack for $5.00!

I found these skinnies in multiple colors on sale for $13.00 on nomorerack as well!

Pink Armor 2-Pack on nomorerack only $12.00!

18K Gold Plated Chamonix Hoop Earrings on nomorerack only $10.00!

Bellezza Lumino Ceramic Flat Iron *HOT* on nomorerack for only

7 Pairs of Sterling Silver Earrings for ONLY $12.00 on nomorerack!

Items on Sale with Dailylook for up to 70% off! (Extra 20% off for signing up with my link!)

There are plenty more sales going on in the next few days, so keep checking back for new posts!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nimli $7.00 SALE!

I just wanted to share this with you guys. is having a $7.00 sale, and they have wraps, jewelry, shirts and super cute scarves for this deal! Check out what I spotted:

The tie-dye scarves are normally over $100.00 and they are on sale now for ONLY $7.00!
Absolutely a STEAL at that price! I'm eyeballing the orange one as well as the blue one. What do you guys think?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Green and Yellow Eyeshadow Tutorial Feat. Beauty Uk's Festival Palette

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Enter To Win! *Giveaway!* Elf Pressed Mineral Blushes AND Elf EX-tra Lippies!

It's that wonderful time again guys! This time I'm giving away one of EACH of the new Elf Pressed Mineral Blushes and 2 new Essential EX-tra Lip Glosses in Scott and Brian! I personally LOVE these new formulas--and I use the blush quite often. Scott has become my go-to lip shade that I keep in my purse and I cannot wait to share these with you guys! The raffle widget will be active in an hour or two--keep checking back and tell your friends! Sharing is caring after all. I have reviewed and swatched all of the blushes HERE!

Get Too Faced Return of Sexy/Chocolate Bar Palette for $30.00! (FREE SHIPPING)

I have to share this with you guys! The Home Shopping Network is running a promo code for $20.00 off of $40.00 or more purchased! Here's a scenario for you all:

Add the Too Faced Palette $49.00 (Or anything else $40+) to your cart.  View all Beauty HERE!

Then go to checkout. You can either create an account, checkout as a guest or sign in.

Choose your payment option. Don't worry, you will have a "Review My Order" Page pop up before you submit it. (That's where you enter the code HSNNEW2014 to get $20.00 OFF! and FREE SHIPPING!)

How awesome is that!? Evidently you can only use the code one time per account, lol. I made 2 accounts and picked up both of the palettes! To let you know, the code is only good for 1 item that is $40.00 or more.

Let me know what you find!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Matte Eyeshadow Tutorial Feat. Stila In The Know palette!

This video is a tutorial I filmed using the Stila In The Know Palette.

Other products used:
Elf Mineral Infused mascara, elf glitter eyeshadow primer, Lorac Eyeliner in Brown, Elf pressed Mineral Blush Cabo Cabana, Elf Mineral Lip Gloss in Trendsetter

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The New Elf Smudge Pots!

Okay, first off--I was told by a friend that these were VERY similar to the Maybelline Color Tattoos, and I tried so hard to pretend that I never heard that because I wanted to enjoy them for what they were. I do own a few of the Color Tattoos, and yes, these are VERY similar. A few are more sheer than the others, so I will describe each and every single one to you guys so that you will know all of the info on these awesome little pots of amazingness!

The Facts:

-These held up SO WELL with the Elf Glitter Primer. I have worn all of them but one for a full 9 hour shift at work, and some of these are so pigmented that I also use them as eyeliner.

-These pots work better with a primer of course.

-All of these work well as a base eyeshadow and will keep your shadow on for hours longer than with primer alone.

-Some of these are not very pigmented, so I wouldn't suggest wearing them alone UNLESS you are going for a sheer and shimmery look. (I'll let you know which ones are which)

Now for the individual pictures and shades:

Elf Smudge Pot in Ain't That Sweet

Ain't That Sweet is a beautiful shade of Iridescent Pink. It is very sheer and works far better as a base for an eyeshadow than a solid color by itself. However, if you are looking for a pretty sheer shade to sweep across your lids, this one is absolutely pretty. This shade will not really work as an eyeliner.

Elf Smudge Pot in Cruisin Chic

Cruisin Chic is one absolute fave of the line. It's pigmented, works as a base but shows well enough on it'd own to be sued as an eyeshadow AND a liner. Boom shaka-laka! This is a really pretty taupe-gold shade and I do highly recommend it! (This shade works WONDERS for the Urban Decay Naked Palettes!)

Elf Smudge Pot in Pearls Of Wisdom

This one is sparkly and though it is still very sheer, it actually has more pigmentation than the pink one. (Ain't That Sweet) This looks awesome as a color for the inner corner of your eyelid, and works wonderfully as a base. I use this as a highlight color as well for the brow bone. You can use it for a sweep of shimmer, and it will show up, but it's still very sheer. Used over a white primer though, I bet it'd look pretty awesome! I do not think it will work as an eyeliner, but if you have darker skin, I bet it would show up more for you than I.

Elf Smudge Pot in Poppin Party

Poppin Party works beautifully as a base, eyeliner and eyeshadow! This one is so pretty and it does remind me of one of Elf's Cream Eyeliners. This one is worth getting for sure!

Elf Smudge Pot in Back to Basics

Back to basics is a lovely shade that works as a base, eyeliner and sweep of color. This one is just as pretty as Cruisin Chic, and though they look somewhat alike in these photos, they are in fact quite different. This one is a muted bronzey/alloy like shade with a hint of gold. 

 Elf Smudge Pot in Brownie Points

Brownie Points is prolly one of the prettiest shades as well. I use this as an eyeliner more than anything, but it's so pigmented that it can be used as a base and as an eyeshadow. It's a bronze metallic shade that you will def love having in your arsenal.

Elf Smudge Pot in Gotta Glow

Gotta Glow is gorgeous, but doesn't work well as an eyeliner. It does however, look amazing as a highlight on darker skin, and it is a nice sweep of sheer color. 

Elf Smudge Pot in Hit The Town

Hit the Town is somewhat sheer. It works awesome as a base, and if you are going for a sweep of silver, then this is for you. I did like it when I paired it with Ain't That Sweet, and I had gotten compliments when I did so. It's up to you, It will work as an eyeliner as well, but it's not as opaque as the others that do.

Elf Smudge Pot in Ocean Bound

Ocean Bound is a really pretty blue shade that works as an eyeliner, a base, and an eyeshadow. VERY pretty!

 From Left to Right: Ain't That Sweet, Pearls of Wisdom, Ocean bound, Gotta Glow, Brownie Points, Back to Basics
 From left to Right: Cruisin Chic, Poppin Party, Hit The Town

This picture is to give you an idea of which ones were super pigmented and which ones were not.

Overall, I would buy these again. Some are more pigmented than others, and that suits me well as I will use them for liners, shadow and bases. :) I hope that you have found this helpful!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Giveaway Winner is...

Melanie Meadors! 

Congrats girl! I will be emailing you shortly.

I thank you all for entering my contest and I will be hosting another one soon!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Elf Pressed Mineral Blush Review!

I'm a pretty big sucker for natural cosmetics, and even more so with cruelty free cosmetics. Maybe that's why I post quite a bit about Elf Cosmetics. (I'm kinda crazy about so many of their products if you haven't noticed, lol) Well I just picked up the 4 shades of their new Pressed Mineral Blushes and oh my GAWD! These are so pigmented...and I wasn't really expecting that at all! They are super smooth, super pigmented and super lightweight! They blend like a dream and are so freaking gorgeous! These lasted all day for me so far, (I'm on hour number 9 at the moment, and I'm using the makeup Mist and Set as well) and Sweet Retreat, Cabo Cabana and Wanderlust are going to be my new go-to daily blushes! When you see these shades, you'll completely understand why!

Drumroll Please!

Cabo Cabana: A beautiful deep warm coral. There is a small amount of glitter, but most of it actually doesn't transfer to the skin. This shade is a must-have for those of you with olive toned skin! (Also for ladies who are very fair skinned!)

Jet Setter: A richly pigmented matte rose shade. Medium to deeper skinned ladies, you gotta try this one! It's THE perfect medium rose color, not too dark and not too light.

Wanderlust: This color is extremely rich, so fair-skinned girls please use a light hand! This is such a sexy shade gals! For those of you with deeper skin; this is going to be your fave shade--trust me. It's got a nice deep red/mauve pigmentation with super teeny tiny sparkles. This is your next go-to blush for the clubs, I promise! It's going to catch just enough light particles to give the illusion that you've descended from Heaven--and yet it's got that sultry plum-red shade that will take everyone's eyes off of your horns. It's absolutely perfect.

Sweet Retreat: This is probably my fave shade of all! I haven't tanned in a while, so my skin has becaome a tad bit lighter than I'm personally used to. With that being said, I've been rocking more light peachy pinks as of late. If benefit's Dandelion and Dallas had a baby, this would be it! This one's a matte, muted pink with a soft hint of coral. Totally not a "baby pink" kinda shade, but a light pink shade that's mature, elegant and sophisticated. You have to try this one for sure!

Here's the Verdict:

These blushes are fucking beautiful. They last quite some time, they are wonderfully pigmented, they blend better than the Elf Studio blushes, they are lightweight, creamy, soft and they are a goddamn miracle in a sleek round case. I'm in love. Sorry boyfriend...

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