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*REVIEW* LunatiCK Cosmetics Labs Apocalipsticks and Glamour Ghoul Glitters! (Plus the Glitters are 50% right now!)

OH. MY. GOSH. I can't convey my excitement via words without like, 100 plus words in ALL CAPS, ha ha ha!

Just a little bit of information about LCL:
This company is Vegan and Cruelty Free. (Whoop Whoop!) and Talc Free as well. It looks like they just recently upgraded from homemade items to products being professionally manufactured (That is so AWESOME! Gratz guys!) and their makeup is morbidly adorbs, ghoulicious, and bat-tastic! their colors are fun, vampy and bold. My kinda brand if I do say so myself! They were kind enough to send me a few items for review and I just ADORE these products! (The fact that they are vegan and Cruelty Free is always a huge plus in my book!)

                                     Click the banner below to visit the online store

First of all, these beautiful products arrived in a black and white striped box of awesome! I couldn't help but think, "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!"  Ha ha ha! Inside of the box were 3 Glamour Ghoul Glitters and 3 Apocalipsticks. So let's check out the products, shall we?


The packaging is very cool. It's pretty self explanatory. I giggled when I first saw these...

And when you open the boxes, you get BULLETS, erm I mean APOCALIPSTICKS! Seriously, A+++ on the packaging! Aren't these so NEAT?

All of the Apocalipsticks have the same creamy, opaque and smooth formula. Their longevity varies...almost all of them stayed on my lips for at least 3 hours, but shortly afterwards fading was viseable. The longest lasting shade had to be the Cinderhella because the pigment packed quite a punch! I don't mind reapplying my lipstick if it's one that I really like, so I applied it once during my work shift, and it was no big deal. They still lasted through hours of my snacking, eating, talking and drinking loads of the formula is pretty darn great! These retail for $15.00 a pop on their online shop.


Cindehella is a beautiful rich bright, deep berry shade. This shade left a slight stain on my lips after it started to fade which I was cool with. It helped prolong the product, and it's a shade I will be wearing all of this coming Fall.

Cinderhella Swatched.

Look at that beautiful berry! This shade in particular lasted for about 4 hours on my lips and that's with 3 cups of coffee and lunch. BAM! This is one sexy lipstick.

RPG is a pale pink shade with a very small hint of a mauve. This shade is my personal fave of the three, and it is now one of my fave 5 shades of all time! Let me tell you about this beautiful lipstick...this isn't just a pale mauve lippie, it's the most beautiful nude shade of all time (at least in my opinion) and it works so well for this olive skinned gal! I had quite a few compliments on this shade while wearing it out and the gals at work were asking to purchase RPG and Bruja from me--to which I politely declined. I enjoy these colors too much to let them go!

                                                              RPG Swatched

Bruja is a super unique pink/grey mauve. This color reminds me of ghouls and spooks, but it's almost a nude enough shade to wear everyday. It's so on the fine line, it's like being in the grey area at a job. Not that I'm suggesting one do It's bold, it's different and it keeps things interesting!

Bruja Swatched.

Glamour Ghoul Glitters: (Are Half Off Right NOW!)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!! These are little jars containing 4 grams of amazing holographic glitter that just so happens to be small enough for eyes and lips. YESSS! I apply these with the Elf Makeup Lock & Seal and the Elf Glitter Primer. I ran out of my Pixie Epoxy and find that the Elf products work just as well. I have played around with these and I plan on using them in a few tutorials very soon! As soon as I have more time off from work to draw up some ideas, I will be sharing those ideas with you guys.So here's the low-down on these gorgeous jars of holographic goodness...

These jars retail for $9.00 each, but because there is a sale going on, you can snag them up for only $4.50 a piece which is pretty spectacular! The packaging is just too cute. As pictured above, there are "spooky" symbols all around the side of each jar. Awww...little cats and bats! If you are wanting to purchase these glitters, I'd def. do it now while there's a sale going on...that way, you can try out a few colors (or buy them all of course!) to visit the website, you can either click on the picture above or click here to visit the Glamour Ghoul Glitters in their store!

Ghouls Night Out is a beautiful purple shade with a holo rainbow of magenta, red, blue and violet. This color is extremely unique--I've never seen one this exact shade. I tried to capture the different shifts in this picture...I think it does it justice! This color is magnificent and it would make the One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People Eater totally jelly.

Ghouls Gold is where unicorns come from.  It's a beautiful gold glitter...and this holographic glitter is straight up full spectrum rainbow. That means there's a shift of yellow, orange, red, green, and violet. This is what David Bowie dreams of at night. With that being said, everyone who loves unicorns, rainbows and David Bowie should have this shade in their collection. It's like tasting the best ice-cream in the world--only it's glitter and you put this on your face of course. PLEASE DO NOT EAT IT. 

I tried to take a somewhat blurry picture to show you guys all of the different color shifts in the light. Do you see this!? This is hand's-down the prettiest glitter I've EVER had!

                   And then of course, here's a normal picture to show it's micro-sized glitters.

Glamour Ghoul is a very pretty kelly green glitter with a holographic shift of yellow, orange, teal, blue and lime green. I have plans for this as eyeliner as well as on top of a black lipstick...and it's going to be fabulous. I may even use this directly on top of my eyelids with a black and green smoky guys know that's green is my fave color and I'm going to come up with some pretty fun looks using this bad boy!

    You can see the little shifts of teal, lime green, blue, orange, yellow scattered about--this is absurdly fun. Yeah, it's so much fun that it's absurd. How's that glitter for ya?


I love all of these products, I really do. These products were the first that I had tried from this brand, and I actually prefer their lipstick formula over MAC's and the glitter makes me want to grab some adhesive and be fabulous, ALL day, EVERY day! I know that it's all about preference...and I just really enjoy the smooth creamy texture of the lipstick formula and the holo shifts of these glitters. I do not know how often they have a sale, but I know that right now the Glamour Ghoul Glitters are on sale for 50% right now which is great, so it would be absolutely worth it to sign up for their emails and newsletter of course to be notified when they do have sales. Have any of you tried this brand? What's your fave product? Which Apocalipstick is your fave shade? I'm an RPG/Bruja kinda girl! Ha ha ha! (It's kinda cute...I actually play RPG video games in my spare time--don't judge, lol)

After trying these products out (and falling head over heels for them) I am thinking about trying the Apocalipslick and the Hocus Pocus Eueshadow Palette when it's released! LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs has gained another fan, that's for sure!

The pictures taken from the website are not my own. All credit go to the website itself and the owner as well as the original photographer. All of these products were sent to me for review, however I was not paid for my review/opinion. My opinions of these products are my own and I would never have you guys waste your hard-earned cash monies on products that I wouldn't stand behind!
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