Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Plans for this Blog!!!

I have HUGE plans for this site! But, I need your help! I NEED some followers! After I have enough followers, I will be giving away a featured product of the month by Eyeslipsface to a few random members of my blog. The winner/s would then be featured. I feel that it would be nice to hear/see fellow elfettes' opinions on said products! I want to hold contests to give away the products for a "Get the Look,"and post fellow blogger's ELF hauls etc. on my sidebar. I want to be able to share the best deals from ELF with coupons and advice with you ladies. I am so excited to do this and let you ladies have some free stuff! I love sharing a good product! And I REALLY want to know what your fave ELF products are! Thank you ladies, please follow and subscribe! Much Love, Nikki Z.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Get The Look using Eyeslipsface #1

Base face products I used:

Elf mineral infused face primer
Tinted moisturizer in Porcelain
Studio blush in gotta glow (highlighter under eyes and top of cheekbones)
Studio blush in Giddy Gold
Studio bronzer in Golden
Mineral booster powder

Eye products used:
Mineral eyeshadow primer in Blush
Studio cream liner in Metallic Olive as a base
Mineral Eyeshadows in Wild (outer crease) Caffienated (all over lid) Golden (inner corner of eyelid) Innocent (under brow) all blended well
Cream liner in coffee on waterline and lashline
Studio eyebrow lifter and filler on brows
Mineral infused mascara

Mineral Lipgloss in Bare. So there you have it!

What do you guys think?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

E.L.F.'s Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil

Okay...first I have to say that these are really awesome. 2nd, I have to say that although they are great, I was expecting all of them to be glittery. Some are metallic, and the others have glitter. That kind of threw me off...

I purchased the pack of 5, not sure if they still sell the set or not, but I do know that you can buy them individually for $1.00 each. The black and purple stick are glittery. The teal, bronze and silver are metallic with no glitter. That being out of the way, I really enjoy them. I use them as a base for my Eyeshadows, and as liner of course. ;) they glide on well if heated gently with a lighter, and the color payoff is so beautiful! For a dollar, the glittery ones remind me of a few I had of Hard Candy nine years ago. (spent $17.00 per stick) these are cheaper, (hooray!) and just as gorgeous.

E.L.F. Is offering 8 FREE nail polishes with $20.00+ purchase!

I absolutely LOVE free stuff!
This a $16.00 value! I haven't tried these yet, and if you have I'd like to know what you think! The code is:


This promotion is good until 8/27/12.

Let me know what all you guys are purchasing, or if you need any suggestions, let me know!

Happy Shopping!

Review on E.L.F.'s Mineral Infused Face Primer

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

E.L.F.'s Mineral Eyeshadows

First of all, The lighting doesn't do these beautiful shades justice. These little pots are my "go to" everyday eyeshadow. These work for flirty and fun looks, elegant and sophisticated looks, glam looks, and sultry night out looks. I will repurchase these until I either die, or E.L.F. Goes out of business, hahaha. These are so pigmented and blendable. These go for $3.00 a pop on their website.

From left to right, top to bottom:
Elegant, girly, socialite, natural, smoldering, enchanting, Partier, mysterious, royal, innocent, flirty, bronzed, earthy, temptress, golden, outdoorsy, sassy, dreamy, angelic, seductive, trendy, wild

Friday, August 17, 2012

Tutorial using E.L.F.'s Mineral Eyeshadows (smokey)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Everyday Look using E.L.F.'s Beauty To Go Palette in Shopping Spree

E.L.F.'s Studio Contour and Blush Review/tutorial

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

E.L.F.'s Studio Complexion Perfection

I bought this little gem on a whim...and now I'm completely in love with it! It corrects redness, dark circles and skin imperfections. I use this on my models and it has a wonderful photo finish. These retail for $3.00 USD on E.L.F.'s website. 

E.L.F.'s Studio Bronzer In Golden

I personally only use 2 bronzers. This is one of them. I LOVE love LOVE this one. It's perfect for summer...it has a bit of shimmer, and a whole lot of awesome. It's lightweight, pretty, buildable, and this particular selection looks amazing on medium-dark skinned girls. I have olive skin, and this compliments my cheek bones without being gaudy. (C'mon, you know what I mean by gaudy. I'm talking about the ladies who cake on their bronzers so thick that it looks like tribal war paint.) 1 quick sweep of all of the colors compliments any chin line, cheek bone structure, temples, hairline...etc. This puppy sells for $3.00 USD on their site. It's worth every penny.

E.L.F.'s Studio Blush

Oh boy, these blushes are amazing! I am addicted to Giddy Gold, Twinkle Pink, Candid Coral, Berry Merry and Gotta Glow!
I use Gotta Glow to highlight the top of mine/models cheek bones and on the tip of our noses. These are lightweight, pigmented, and buildable. I have other brands from Sephora and to be completely honest, I no longer wear them. These blushes have made a permanent home in my makeup bag. These retail for $3.00 USD on their site, and oh my it's an amazing deal!
The colors from left to right, top to bottom:
Giddy Gold, Pink Passion, Mellow Mauve, Twinkle Pink, Fushia Fusion, Gotta Glow, Blushing Rose, Berry Merry and Candid Coral.

E.L.F.'s Everyday Eye Book

Alright...these "Books" are a cute idea. These eyeshadows are beautiful, pigmented and come in a rich assortment of colors. These would make a perfect gift for those young ladies who are new to makeup. It even has instructions on the inside of the book! This eyeshadow palatte is mainly shimmery, with only a handful of matte shades, but they would look good on anyone of any shade. This palette is interview/wedding/work/night on the town friendly. And, get this: They only cost $5.00 USD. Yeah, that's what's up!

E.L.F.'s Studio Body Shimmer

These are absolutely astounding! The color payoff is nice and rich, there's shimmer, some glitter...these are wonderful summer/ritzy night on the town items. You can dab a bit on your  cheeks, under your brow bone, on your cleavage, collar bone etc. These make a nice highlight/bronzer with a tad touch of glam. I use a cosmetic sponge to apply these on myself and my models. These retail for $3.00 USD on their site. 
From left to right:
Blazing Bronze, Mystic Moonlight, Golden Glow, Cosmic Coral 

E.L.F.'s All Over Color Stick

The E.L.F. All Over Color Sticks are kinda sweet. They are small and portable, and a few shades make wonderful blush if you don't mind a sun-kissed glow. These are all shimmery shades. I use the lilac petal and spotlight as highlightes. The gold/bronze colors look amazing on darker skinned ladies or a sheer summery bronzer below the apples of the cheeks. These aren't the easiest to blend, so I usually use my fingers or a cosmetic sponge. I have yet to use these as an eyeshadow base, but I suspect they would work quite well as long as you use a good primer. (Try E.L.F.'s Mineral Primer if interested) These are only $1.00 each on their website.
From left to right:
Spotlight, Pink Lemonade, Lilac Petal, Golden Peach, Persimmon, Toasted

E.L.F.'s Glossy Gloss

E.L.F.'s Hypershine Lip Gloss

Monday, August 13, 2012

E.L.F.'s Plumping Lip Gloss

I ALWAYS have one of these in my bag. I made the mistake of spending $15.00 on a DuWop product that "Plumps" lips...it did nothing but made my lips tingly, and there was absolutely no color payoff, and it was SO TINY. :/ I gave up on lip plumpers for a few years, and then I was recommended these. I bought one, and the next thing I knew, I had purchased one in EVERY color a month later. They do plump your lips, and although it's not enough to make a huge difference, A: I got way more product for my buck  B: The colors are sheer but quite nice 3: the tingling sensation didn't bother me as bad as the DuWop Twilight product had done. I am satisfied with the quality and price. These look beautiful with the plumping solution or without. (They are dual sided) As with any lipgloss, you do have to reapply these throughout the day...but the matte pinks look so nice with a subtle pink blush and nude eyeshadow. These only run for $1.00 EACH. Awesome, right?
From left to right:
Baby Doll, Champagne, Fire Coral, Wink Pink, Peach Passion, Oasis 


E.L.F.'s Studio Minty Lip Gloss

I LOVE San Diego and Miami! These colors are GORGEOUS! And they taste great, ha ha! I am not too pleased with Nashville, and that is probably because I was expecting it to be as glittery as the other shades. :/ It's a nice nude color, but not so much glitter. These look brilliant when paired with the matte lipsticks and mineral lipsticks. 
If you want to go for a BAM GLAM look, try pairing E.L.F.'s Mineral Lipstick in Royal Red with the Minty Lipgloss shade Chicago. It's so pretty, and would look amazing with a cute 40's hairstyle. ;)
From left to right:
San Diego, Nashville, Chicago, Miami

E.L.F.'s Mineral Moisturizing Lip Tint SPF 8

I personally wear these to work. I work on the phones all day, and I have dry lips...so these are a must. The colors are sheer and pretty. They do moisturize quite nicely. I wear Blush, Natural and Guava often. An extra bonus to the sheer pretty colors is the fact that they provide SPF protection. Any SPF protection is good. :) I do suggest that you ladies give these a shot, and protect your kissing mechanisms! ;) These run for $3.00 USD on their site.
From left to right:
Blush, Natural, Cinnamon, Pink, Guava

E.L.F.'s Lip Balm SPF 15

These lip balms are creamy, smooth and pretty. Added bonus: SPF. The more SPF the better! Who says you can't protect your lips and look good too? These come in sturdy metal containers. They look nice in the packaging and on the lips! I wear these when I'm going to do a photoshoot outside. I use these on the models as well. Our shoots can run anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, and these keep our lips looking nice and moisturized. They are lightweight, sheer and slightly creamy. You can build up the color to your liking, and for $3.00 you just can't beat the quality. I have a few friends who prefer chapstick over lipstick, and a few friends who wear neither...these work out quite well for them and they are pleased with the product.
From left to right:
Nude, Pink, Peach

E.L.F.'s Mineral Lipgloss

I absolutely ADORE these. These are my go-to lipgloss when I'm going out and all dolled-up. The selection of colors are so nice...and I will be buying backups of my fave colors. I have olive skin, so lipgloss shades can be a hit or miss. Too pink, too brown, too peach...etc. I don't want to wash out my natural lip color when I'm going for that everyday nude look, and a handful of these shades work SO WELL for me that it blows my mind! The ladies I use these on love the colors as well. Seriously, you HAVE to try these! And for you animal lovers, Eyeslipsface does NOT test their products on animals. <3 I have to rate these on a scale of 1 to 10, AMAZING. These have a soft shimmer, so they are more nude than anything. I apply these over the mineral lipsticks of a similar shade for more "Oomph," and alone for a nice, delicate nuetral look. These retail for $3.00 on their site.
From Top to bottom/right to  left:
Wild, Trophy Wife, Sorority Girl, Night Owl, Fierce, Pageant Princess, Au Naturale(My FAVE), Daring,  Trendsetter

E.L.F.'s Mineral Lipsticks

Sweet-mother-of-makeup, these are WONDERFUL! I myself am a ligloss kind of  girl, these changed my life-crossmyheart. When it comes to my models needing lipstick, (Pin-up shoots, weddings, etc.) These are the ONLY actual lipsticks I use on them. No other brands will do. The color selection has something for everyone, I promise. These feel so nice. I apply these with a lip brush to conserve on color/product, and the color is VERY buidable. These go on so smoothly! I have dry lips and I can wear these all day. :) Do NOT hesitate to try these. A little goes a long way, and when paired with a lipgloss, the possibilities are endless! I do believe all but one shade are matte. So if shimmer/glitter is your thing, pair it with a gloss and rock it girl! These run for  
$5.00 on their site.
From left to right, top to bottom:
Barely Bitten, Cool Coral, Rosy Tan, Bare Brown, Royal Red, Party Pink, Prime Plum, Rustic Brick, Beautiful Berry, Runway Pink

E.l.f.'s Studio Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15

The best  little beauty must have! These FEEL so nice! Every color looks good on me, so it's nice to have a variety to pick from. My models LOVE these, and it does EXACTLY what it says. It conditions your lips, all day in fact. (After it wears off, my lips still feel nice, and that is a huge relief to someone who has dry lips like myself!) Added Bonus: It even has SPF. You can protect your lips as you take good care of your lips. ;) Win-Win, am I right? These sell for $3.00 a pop. 
From left to right:
Bombshell Brown, Romantic Rouge, Blissful Berry, Mellow Melon, Peaceful Pink, Nice and Natural
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