E.L.F.'s Studio Blush

Oh boy, these blushes are amazing! I am addicted to Giddy Gold, Twinkle Pink, Candid Coral, Berry Merry and Gotta Glow!
I use Gotta Glow to highlight the top of mine/models cheek bones and on the tip of our noses. These are lightweight, pigmented, and buildable. I have other brands from Sephora and to be completely honest, I no longer wear them. These blushes have made a permanent home in my makeup bag. These retail for $3.00 USD on their site, and oh my it's an amazing deal!
The colors from left to right, top to bottom:
Giddy Gold, Pink Passion, Mellow Mauve, Twinkle Pink, Fushia Fusion, Gotta Glow, Blushing Rose, Berry Merry and Candid Coral.

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