Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Plans for this Blog!!!

I have HUGE plans for this site! But, I need your help! I NEED some followers! After I have enough followers, I will be giving away a featured product of the month by Eyeslipsface to a few random members of my blog. The winner/s would then be featured. I feel that it would be nice to hear/see fellow elfettes' opinions on said products! I want to hold contests to give away the products for a "Get the Look,"and post fellow blogger's ELF hauls etc. on my sidebar. I want to be able to share the best deals from ELF with coupons and advice with you ladies. I am so excited to do this and let you ladies have some free stuff! I love sharing a good product! And I REALLY want to know what your fave ELF products are! Thank you ladies, please follow and subscribe! Much Love, Nikki Z.
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