E.L.F.'s Mineral Lipgloss

I absolutely ADORE these. These are my go-to lipgloss when I'm going out and all dolled-up. The selection of colors are so nice...and I will be buying backups of my fave colors. I have olive skin, so lipgloss shades can be a hit or miss. Too pink, too brown, too peach...etc. I don't want to wash out my natural lip color when I'm going for that everyday nude look, and a handful of these shades work SO WELL for me that it blows my mind! The ladies I use these on love the colors as well. Seriously, you HAVE to try these! And for you animal lovers, Eyeslipsface does NOT test their products on animals. <3 I have to rate these on a scale of 1 to 10, AMAZING. These have a soft shimmer, so they are more nude than anything. I apply these over the mineral lipsticks of a similar shade for more "Oomph," and alone for a nice, delicate nuetral look. These retail for $3.00 on their site.
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