Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Elf Pressed Mineral Blush Review!

I'm a pretty big sucker for natural cosmetics, and even more so with cruelty free cosmetics. Maybe that's why I post quite a bit about Elf Cosmetics. (I'm kinda crazy about so many of their products if you haven't noticed, lol) Well I just picked up the 4 shades of their new Pressed Mineral Blushes and oh my GAWD! These are so pigmented...and I wasn't really expecting that at all! They are super smooth, super pigmented and super lightweight! They blend like a dream and are so freaking gorgeous! These lasted all day for me so far, (I'm on hour number 9 at the moment, and I'm using the makeup Mist and Set as well) and Sweet Retreat, Cabo Cabana and Wanderlust are going to be my new go-to daily blushes! When you see these shades, you'll completely understand why!

Drumroll Please!

Cabo Cabana: A beautiful deep warm coral. There is a small amount of glitter, but most of it actually doesn't transfer to the skin. This shade is a must-have for those of you with olive toned skin! (Also for ladies who are very fair skinned!)

Jet Setter: A richly pigmented matte rose shade. Medium to deeper skinned ladies, you gotta try this one! It's THE perfect medium rose color, not too dark and not too light.

Wanderlust: This color is extremely rich, so fair-skinned girls please use a light hand! This is such a sexy shade gals! For those of you with deeper skin; this is going to be your fave shade--trust me. It's got a nice deep red/mauve pigmentation with super teeny tiny sparkles. This is your next go-to blush for the clubs, I promise! It's going to catch just enough light particles to give the illusion that you've descended from Heaven--and yet it's got that sultry plum-red shade that will take everyone's eyes off of your horns. It's absolutely perfect.

Sweet Retreat: This is probably my fave shade of all! I haven't tanned in a while, so my skin has becaome a tad bit lighter than I'm personally used to. With that being said, I've been rocking more light peachy pinks as of late. If benefit's Dandelion and Dallas had a baby, this would be it! This one's a matte, muted pink with a soft hint of coral. Totally not a "baby pink" kinda shade, but a light pink shade that's mature, elegant and sophisticated. You have to try this one for sure!

Here's the Verdict:

These blushes are fucking beautiful. They last quite some time, they are wonderfully pigmented, they blend better than the Elf Studio blushes, they are lightweight, creamy, soft and they are a goddamn miracle in a sleek round case. I'm in love. Sorry boyfriend...

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