Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tilly's 50% OFF EVERYTHING in the Outlet!!!

This is the big one, the one that my guy and I have been waiting for! Time to stock up on shoes, accessories and maybe a shirt or two! This sale is good until the 20th, and these sizes and items will go fast. They ALWAYS do. Clothing from under $2.00-$15.00 is pretty hot IMO.

Tillys Click here to visit the outlet:
50% Off ALL Outlet! Valid 9/17-9/20.

Every time they have a 50% off deal around this time of year, I pick up a few shirts for my boyfriend as Christmas Gifts. They have some shirts for only $7.00 and a few for around $12.00. You get 50% OFF of the red price, How cool is that!? Here are a few screenshots of men's items for a super good price!

Adidas shoes for $30.00--perfect for back to school!

50% Off ALL Outlet! Valid 9/17-9/20.

I don't know about you guys, but I think that wrap duster for under $7.00 is a STEAL.

50% Off ALL Outlet! Valid 9/17-9/20.

50% Off ALL Outlet! Valid 9/17-9/20.

This post contains affiliate links. My Aunt passed away from Cancer September 9th. I plan on donating money to help aid cancer research. Any little bit helps!

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