Friday, September 4, 2015

*REVIEW* Daiso Japan Hyaluronic Sleeping Mask

While browsing Amazon the other night for a Sleeping Pack to try, I stumbled across a very inexpensive Sleeping Pack from Daiso Japan. It claimed to Plump up the skin and keep moisture in, so I thought "why not?" At a total of $6.29 it was worth a try. Almost every single review was in favor of the product...which helped me make my decision. So let's take a look at it, shall we?

Sleek and simple packaging. Most of the description both from and back is in Japanese.

Most of this is in Japanese, however there are a few things in English: DON'T get this stuff in your eyes, STOP using if it irritates your skin, AVOID direct sunlight and too high or low temps.

This was sealed when it arrived, which is a plus. Safety comes first! It has a simple screw cap.

The substance is clear and feels like a gel. It's a somewhat thin consistency. It disperses quite evenly.

This is 30 seconds after being spread about on the back of my hand. At first it was really shiny, but it absorbed very quickly.

Here I am sans makeup, fresh out of the shower. I do not normally just review something after one use, but I'm still having a hard time believing this super cheap product made my skin LOOK AND FEEL THIS NICE after a single use! My skin feels so plump and healthy! My skin just looks brighter and more radiant with only one use. There are a few more sleeping packs I will be reviewing very soon from some very popular brands, but I plan on using this product for at least another month. I also purchased the Daiso Japan Collagen Sleeping Pack as well, so we'll see how it works as well! If anything changes, I will be updating this post.

I purchased a few items from overseas and I hope to have a Korean Beauty Giveaway at some point. I'm a tad bit new to the Asian Beauty stuff, so I'm still doing my research. If any of you have a Daiso close to you, let me know! I'd love to pick up some more items since there isn't one near where I live.

Have any of you tried this stuff? Do you swear by Korean Beauty products? What's your favorite products/brands?
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