Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Quality Workout/Yoga Clothing and Accessories for a Good Price?

I'm learning html, so feel free to click on the pretty pictures--it will take you directly to the product! (Yay for SCIENCE!) So I'm on the hunt for a cute workout outfit. I don't want to spend a ton of money and I'm hoping to find something basic that will get the job done. I wanted to share some of my choices you guys! These few items are found at Yoga Outlet.

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I didn't see a great deal on capris or pants on the site. However a quick search at Kohl's will give you a better deal.

Now on the quest to find some shoes...this could take a while! ;)

I do yoga by myself in the comfort of my own bedroom. There are plenty of free videos on Youtube such as these Yoga for Beginners videos which are AWESOME and really worth checking out. 

How do YOU yoga? Do you prefer to be in a class with others or by yourself at home? I'd love to know!

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