Saturday, September 26, 2015

Outfit Of The Day- Comic Book Casual

Hi Everyone! Fall is here and it's time to pull out the leggings and comfy stuff. So for those of you ladies who are a bit "Fluffy," like myself:

* Leggings are like my Holy Grail clothing item...I wear them with dresses and skirts during Fall, and they always look great with an oversized sweater or shirt! I purchased these in the size XL from when they were on sale for $6.00.

* Graphic shirts are your friend: You can literally go to any clothing store or thrift shop and find a shirt with a picture or writing on it. It doesn't have to be fancy--it's how you wear it that will make it that way. I purchased this Thor shirt from Target a while back for $12.00. It's an XL, but it would also fit XXL. This shirt has been tucked into pencil skirts with blazers, worn with leggings, jeans, and under button ups. I love it because it gives a hint of my personality and hobbies while I accessorize it to make it fun and fashionable. I noticed Macy's had a Thor shirt on sale for only $12.00 so I imagine a quick internet search for your fave Marvel or DC hero (IF you're geeky like me) would produce an overabundance of items!

* Vintage scarves from thrift stores and yard sales add a bit of sass and class to any outfit. I bought this one at a yard sale for $0.25 and I usually wear it in my hair, but I enjoy changing it up!

* Boots are a MUST HAVE! I own 3 pairs and love all of them dearly. I pair them with my leggings 75% of the time.  I purchased these foldover chevron boots from when they were on sale for $10.00. They are now discontinued, but you can find boots almost ANYWHERE.

How do you guys wear leggings? These are my jam...when they were on sale, I bought 3 pairs!

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