Friday, September 11, 2015

NOTW Julep's Cher, Shailene over Kleancolor's Black nail Polish

I know that my cuticles are not up to par...don't judge. I'm working on it! Anywhoo...I wanted to pair a duo that looked a bit glam, a bit dark and all Fall. Here's my creation:

I painted my entire nails with one coat of Kleancolor's Black nail polish.

I then applied one coat of Julep's Cher--which is a GORGEOUS green glitter.

After it dried completely, I applied a bit of scotch tape diagonally across my nail and filled in the open space with Julep's Shailene.

For the thumb nails, I applied 2 pieces of tape--so that I had a triangle shape. I filled in the open space with Shailene. 

I ended up REALLY liking these, however it took forever to photograph them in the best lighting so that one could tell a difference between the 2 shades. They both are rather dark, and in most lighting the colors look one and the same. But in the sunshine, it's a unique and glittery duo!

What are your fave nail polish duos for Fall?
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