Monday, August 3, 2015

*WINNER and BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT* Last Month's Giveaway Winner is...

Delilah K********* from Minnesota! An email has been sent (sorry it took me a few days to get around to posting this) and you are the owner of 3 new ELF Cosmetics Palettes and a Lip Gloss!

I want to thank every single one of you for entering...and I have another giveaway going up in the next day or two! (Hint Hint--this one includes jewelry!)

I am SUPER excited to let you guys in on a few changes coming to the Blog:

I just purchased some lighting equipment...including a Stellar Ring Light! That means better video quality and better pictures! (For those of you who follow me on Youtube, I am so sorry the lighting of my videos hasn't been up to par. Equipment is very expensive, and I'd been saving and researching and working hard to make your viewing experience an awesome one!) One of my stands already I have to wait for the lights themselves. I am so happy!

I'm also working on changing the look and feel of my blog. I do everything myself--which is awesome because it means that I get to learn new things about lighting, graphic design and coding--which is fun!

Soon I will be getting a new camera as well, and a microphone. Yay!

Due to the growth of my viewers, I will also host BIGGER and BETTER giveaways. You gotta start small and work your way up! (I had so many people wanting to win the Foreo Luna Mini and I promised that I would host another Giveaway for one...I have a surprise coming up soon Loves!)

This is going to be a journey of learning, sharing and fun.

Thank you.



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