Wednesday, August 5, 2015

*REVIEW* Yerba Buena Botanicals on Etsy!

I've been looking for more natural and organic skincare essentials for my dry skin. It's really hot, and I mean REALLY hot this Summer. I felt like my poor flaky skin riddled with dry patches, could use a huge hydration boost. While browsing online, I stumbled across Yerba Buena Botanicals on Etsy.  The company is located in San Francisco. I noticed that they had a rating of 4.9 stars and that's a pretty great rating so after reaching out to them, they were kind enough to send me a few items to try on my skin. The two items I'll be writing about are so nice, and if you are looking for skincare that's more natural, these would be great option! When it comes to skincare--never underestimate a simple formula. Sometimes less really is more, and most high-end brands have like 20+ ingredients in their products. I'm doing my best to actually watch what I put on my skin...I mean, my skin is maturing and the sooner you start taking care of it and finding things to help with your skin's needs, the better for prevention, right?

Here are a few products that I've personally enjoyed:

The first item I'm excited to share with you is the Vanilla Coconut Body Scrub:

This retails for $8.00 which is a great price for something handmade in small batches. 

This picture was taken from their online store. All credit goes to the company of course.

I love this scrub--I know it sounds crazy, but I use this on my legs BEFORE shaving my legs. Not only does this stuff smell like all things delicious, but what I get is extremely soft and moisturized legs that are so smooth even I can't stop touching them, lol. This is a big deal for me and I know that it's possibly too much information for you guys, but as soon as I shave my legs, within a few hours they are PRICKLY. It's a curse. I mean, I should probably carry a razor in my purse...I'm just being honest. I ain't happy with that fact. 5 O'clock shadow erry'day all day. I'm a yeti. 

This is what's posted on the site about the scrub:

I also use this on my arms (I have dry elbows in Summer) and my skin just feels amazing. 

Here is the sample that I have:

The next item I truly enjoy is the Superfood Eye Serum:

This serum retails for $15.00 in their online shop which you can visit here.
This was REALLY nice! I applied this directly under my eyes before bed 3 nights in a row and my fine lines felt and looked a bit softer. With aging and maturing skin, hydration is a must. The skin under my eyes looked brighter and more healthy. Just in case you guys haven't seen many pictures of my eye area without makeup, I don't really have bags, but the skin around the inner corner of my eyes is a bit darker than the rest of my skin. 10 nights of use isn't enough to make a huge difference, but my skin did look brighter and felt so much softer. Overall it brought a youthful and brighter/softer look to my eye area. I will be using this until it runs out! At this rate I will purchase it when the bottle is empty. It hydrated my under eye area far better than some serums I'd spent quite a bit of money on. I will also use this in conjunction with my Hyaluronic Serum as well. Since the Hyaluronic Serum is a carrier, it will help amplify the results I've been getting with this Superfood Serum!

This picture was taken from their online shop. All credit goes to the company itself.

This is what's listed on their website about this serum:

As you can see, the application is via roller ball which makes it's application smooth, easy and mess free.

Overall, I can see why this store has a 4.9 star rating. The creator of these products has spent love, money and time creating simple and natural products for it's customer's skincare needs. Simple and effective--and I love knowing what's being applied to my skin. If I could give these products 10 stars, I absolutely would!

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