Monday, August 31, 2015

*REVIEW* Fresh N' Geeky Perfume Oils! (AMAZING!)

This is going to be my first perfume review. That means I'm nervous and excited about it! I'm just going to jump into this review because I really enjoyed these scents!

Fresh N' Geeky is a shop on The owner was kind enough to send me a few scents to review as well as a duplicate perfume for my giveaway that's happening right now on my sidebar------>

So let's check out her shop! (The banner link will take you straight there if you'd like to see her whole selection!)

Her scents are fandom inspired--from everything from anime, Doctor Who, to video games. A girl after my own heart! I myself play some vidya games and watch some anime so I was thrilled to give these a go!

Here's a quick screenshot of some of her selection:

This is only a sample of the variety that she has available in her store. The price is amazing for ANY perfume--at only $5.50 a pop for .33 oz, (9.7 ml) is a heck of a deal in the Indie Perfume world. I have personally seen less product going for $20.00 or more, so you do get a ton of product for your buck!

Let's see the pretties up for review:

Wise Wolf:

This scent is inspired by Holo/Horo from the anime Spice & Wolf (which I love. Holo is adorable) this scent is reminiscent of an apple pie. It smells delicious. This one is light and sweet. It has a hint of cinnamon, brown sugar and a subtle amount of butter. Gourmand and fabulous! This scent is one of two perfumes I keep in my purse--perfect for Fall! I have worn this one at least 3 days a week for the past few weeks, and my coworkers have asked what it is that I'm and women alike, lol. It lasts on my skin for around 5 hours which is nice for a perfume oil. After an hour on my skin, the apple and cinnamon was a bit more dominant.


This scent is inspired by Garrus from Mass Effect. This is the store's number one selling fragrance. This scent is very unisex. It's a nice mixture of wine, blackberry and as in the description, "a spicy wood finish." It has a hint of cleanliness with a drop of cinnamon to it. This is a very unique scent, It's bold, strong and empowering. This one lasted for 6 hours, and it morphed into a really neat clean berry scent on my skin. Yum!

Horizon For Her is inspired by Ashley from Mass Effect. This scent is amazing. Vanilla is my fave flavor, scent etc. and this little gem smells like a land of  cupcakes. I wear this alone, and I even layer it with Wise Wolf and it's just a scent of all things that are good in the world. This is a creamy delectable vanilla scent. This one lasted the longest on me, it was around 7 hours and I could still catch a whiff of pound cake and cupcakes. This is the other perfume that I keep in my purse. If you are looking for a strong and creamy vanilla, this scent's for you!

This one is an unreleased scent which is not yet available! It's inspired by Doctor Who (9th Doctor--David Tennant which is my FAVE Doctor) and it's banana-based. It goes on smelling like bananas, but a subtle clean, sugary candy scent slowly emerges making it absolutely divine! I'm excited to try a new scent that has yet to be if you like candy and bananas--make sure to stop into her store every so often to see if it's available! This particular fragrance lasted about 4 hours on my skin and it seemed like it kept morphing. After about 30 minutes, the banana had disappeared, leaving a fresh and clean sugar smell in it's wake.

Have you tried Fresh N' Geeky Perfumes yet? What's your favorite?

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