Wednesday, June 3, 2015

*REVIEW* Colourpop's Feminist Lippie Stix!

At this point, I just cannot say enough good things about Colourpop's Lippie Stix. I seem to enjoy every single one I get my hands on. Just a bit about the products:

This brand has been taking the world by storm. I went from not having a clue that the company existed to seeing this new company all over the internet, i.e. facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram--like all at once! So I sat back and waited to see if the hype would die down. Well folks, it didn't. Then I started wondering what I was missing out on because everyone, their mother, their boss's mailman, (okay the mailman bit is exaggerated) basically I was being swamped with pretty pictures and raves online about the Lippie Stix. So then I bouhgt 1, then 2, then 3 more and so on. I'm very glad that I did!

So let me tell you about Feminist which can be purchased here:

Taking a look at the website, the color looks almost black. I realize that computer monitor's color varies, so I ended up purchasing it. I wish that I purchased the lip pencil as well, because I do not have a liner dark enough for it. It's a very pigmented DEEP berry shade.

At only $5.00, it's a heck of a deal and here's why:
Most of the drugstore lipsticks that I own may have a bit more product, however they fade within an hour or two. Colourpop's formula is spot on guys, it's VERY opaque- meaning you need less to cover your lips. When I thought about I realized that I use way more product with a drugstore lipstick to get even coverage and when I added in the fact that I apply my drugstore lipsticks more often throughout the day than I do my Colourpop's, well that's a no-brainer. It actually is more price efficient to purchase the Colourpops after all.

The packaging is actually pretty nice! I sometimes leave my house with a small clutch instead of a purse, and they are pretty slim. I have enough room for my Lippie Stix, my Galaxy Note 4, wallet and sometimes I take a perfume sample to spritz on when needed. (Not that I stink or anything, I promise! You'd be surprised how many girls I work with will ask me, "Hey do you have any perfume or lotion with you?" I also keep a bandaid in my purse or clutch at all times because I'm kind of a klutz.) You get 1 gram of product per Colourpop Lippie Stix. I've not had any packaging break on my so far--it's actually lightweight but sturdy.

The color is a smoked purple/red. If black, purple and red had to tango, this is what it would end up looking like. It's so dark that it's almost black--which I am thrilled about because it's kind of neat! (Doing my best to step out of my comfort zone)

Now on to the wear:

I wore this to work a few weeks ago and I had taken a few motes. It started to fade about 4 hours into my shift but it didn't surprise me because I had lunch and drank a coffee, and Coke Zero (My fave) during that time. This formula is really lightweight and non-drying. There's no glitter or shimmer, so basically what you see is what you get! I feel like the color is a bit out of my comfort zone, but I'm trying to make myself uncomfortable I guess. If I never try anything new, how will I know whether or not I'd like it, right? Yep. I feel compelled to use a black liner and gently blend it into this shade...because I feel like that would be fancy! Now I did get some looks while I wore this. They're just jelly that I had the balls to where this shade! Or, maybe I did look completely silly. Anyways, it gave me a little pep in my step,


This brand is beyond amazing with everything that I've tried so far. They just released highlighters and bronzers too! I hope to try those sometime in the near future. Have you tried Colourpop? What's your fave product? Do you have a go-to lip shade for Summer?
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