Sunday, May 10, 2015

*SALE* HUGE Sale (retail=$300-$500 but are on sale for ONLY $35-$69?) Brilliance New York Curling Wands, Straighteners, and MORE!

Well I'll be darned. Hautelook has done it again! I just chatted with a friend the other day about how I need a new high end straightener and how I'd been really wanting to try a curling wand. Lo and Behold, this sale is not only answering my hair-prayers, but my budget-prayers as well, ha ha ha! I looked at a few products at Walmart and Target...well these straighteners and wands are BETTER quality for the same price and possibly less than the ones I was checking out at the store a few days back! They normally retail for $300, but most of these are ONLY $35!? I'm sold!

For those of you in need of you who are in the market for a curling wand, straightener or just wanting to try a new brand, you've gotta check these out because this will not last long at all--and the price is very fair for the quality!

This isn't going to last long. I used to own a mini straightener by this company and I really loved it! It was stolen a few years back so i'm going to get a full sized one. I've been using a cheap Conair one, and it works but it's starting to short out on me, which isn't very fun and is honestly more hassle than it's worth to actually use it.

Obviously the best bet would be to get the multi-barrel set. I'm planning on getting the black set, but I may opt with a fun and bright color...the barrels of the pink one do differ from the black one though, so I may do a bit of research to find out which one I'd enjoy more.

They also have some bright and colorful straighteners. (That peacock one is super friggin' cute!)

What's the best straightener/curling wand you've ever tried? Have any of you tried Brilliance New York as well? What product did you own/try? Let me know!

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