Thursday, April 30, 2015

Foreo Luna Mini Giveaway Winner is...

Okay guys, I'd tried so hard to be patient with this giveaway, and I REALLY wanted it to be special since I was posting less than usual due to relocating to a new place. It was so hard for me to wait this long to pick a winner! I can't believe my giveaway had 924 entries! I mean, WOW. Usually it's like 200-400 and around 20 people...this thing just blew up! SINCE I had so many people enter for this product and I can't give everyone a Foreo...I've decided to buy another one for a giveaway to come in the next few months. I'm not a fan of having the same product back to back so I'll just keep it aside for the giveaway after this next one. I will be starting another one in a day or two so keep your eyes open for it to go live! I did order some makeup brushes for a giveaway, but they are not here yet so I'm still deciding on what prizes to have for this next one...and oh boy, I have some GREAT ideas!

Annnnnnd to announce what we've all been waiting for:

The winner of my giveaway for a Foreo Luna Mini is:
Jeni M (jenbot******

You my Dear, are a new owner of one of the most awesome, coolest, super neat facial cleansing devices ever to hit the market! An email confirmation has been sent to you, so pretty please respond promptly and I'll get this thing in the mail for you ASAP!

To everyone who entered:

I appreciate all of your entries very much! As soon as I get settled in at the new place I will be doing giveaways for Facebook, Instagram and Youtube as well! I wouldn't have my blog if it wasn't for you guys helping me to pursue my hobby and passion! Thank you, I admire every single one of you!
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