Tuesday, March 3, 2015

REVIEW: Smashbox On The Rocks (The Large Palette!)

And Smashbox strikes again with another sock-rockin, buttery, shimmery palette that makes angels sing beautiful choruses in the background every time I look at it! My mind has been blown at how awesome the quality of this palette is! I have a new fave go-to matte eye look with this thing, and I love it so much that I've worn the same look 4 times already this past week! This whole post is going to be nothing but praise, so be prepared for that and I promise I'll try to keep my jaw from off of the floor as I type.

BAM. In all of it's prism-like glory. On a scale of 1 to 10, this palette is THE SHIT.

All dat rainbow...seriously, this palette's packaging is so gorgeous and shiny!

It even has a cute little gem in the very center. Cute.

And the formula is EXACTLY what you'd expect--pigmented, dreamy, creamy, buttery and soft as silk. It glides right on without any effort and it stays put when you were a good primer. the ONLY downfall of this palette is literally just one eyeshadow. It's a glittery white one, and the payoff isn't anything like the others. The formula of that single shade may have been created like that on purpose to add a sheer sparkle when applied on top of the other colors...but by itself it's less than sub-par.

The shades on the left of the palette:

The shades in the center of the palette:

The shades on the right of the palette:

The colors last on my oily lids all day without a need for touch-ups. I do wear a primer of course. The blendability is top notch and the color selection is very beautiful--mattes, shimmery shades, nudes, jewel-tones and it's perfect for an every day work look as well as an evening on the town. This palette will fit your style--whatever it may be and is one of the most universal palettes I own to date.

I am so glad that I have this palette in my collection! I've been using it almost daily for a week now and I gotta say that I'll be sad when I hit pan on any of the shades. I'm even contemplating buying a backup because this is a Holiday item, and of course will be discontinued. If you have been thinking of purchasing this palette, you absolutely should while you still can! It's worth every penny, and I'm sure that you will adore it as soon as you swatch it!
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