Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Nails of the Week! Julep's Bergen & Emerson Make A Stunning Combination...

It's been a hot minute since I made a nail post. I ended up purchasing 40 polishes over the past 2 months and I sadly just didn't really have the time to thoroughly enjoy them until now! I feel like a freaking kid in a candy store--I want ALL THE COLORS. So without further adieu, I bring you a beautiful, simple baby blue spotted set thanks to Julep's Bergen and Emerson!

Ta-da! It reminds me a bit of a Robin's Egg.
I applied one coat of Bergen first, and then one coat of Emerson to get this look.

Emerson seems to be sold out right now. I'm thinking about grabbing another when it's back in stock since it's on sale!
Bergen is such a gorgeous color!

Julep is an awesome brand. I have over 60 of their nail polishes and I love bringing a few to work to show off to my coworkers. Quite a few of my coworkers are nail-savvy and I've enabled their Julep addiction, ha ha ha. Most of their nail polishes are $14.00 but you can almost always find a few on sale. I love their formula! It lasts me 1-2 weeks which is awesome since I'm always super busy. (I'm also madly in love with their Freedom Polymer Topcoat--that shit's SO cash and it keeps my nails looking amazing week after week!)

The light blue with black specks is Emerson. By itself it makes a beautiful jelly shade that's fairly translucent. It would be so perfect for a "Jelly Sandwich." The light silvery blue shade is Bergen. I've been wearing Bergen on my toenails for weeks now, lol! My roommate's friend came by and while we were hanging out in the living room chatting, she complimented my toenail polish and I'd just decided that I'd wear it for a while...(partly because I was too busy to change them up I guess, but I really do think the color is a very unique shade) I mean, is it blue? Is it silver? No. It's Superman--erm I mean Bergen. So Bergen it is and will be at least for a bit longer, ha ha ha!

I love light blue hues for Spring. It's a trademark of nicer weather and reminds me of sunny days with light blue skies.

What colors remind you of Spring?
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