Monday, March 23, 2015

Dear Readers: Update, Advice Needed and Future plans with the Blog!

Gah! I miss you guys so much! I have so much to say, so here's what's been going on:

     I have SO many new products to swatch and share with you, but my internet isn't the's been pretty hard to upload anything without killing my data plan. (I've been using my phone's data, and I only get 3 gigs a month) We had our internet turned off right after my Dad passed away because we were planning on moving and couldn't know for certain whether the provider could transfer the services to the new place. The place we were hoping to get fell through our hands, so we found a new place and will hopefully be accepted/moved in by the end of next week! My boyfriend and I will have a 2 bedroom place, and I'm using the second bedroom as a studio! (I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT!) That means I will have enough room to buy umbrella lamps, a diva ring light, a better camera and tripod for filming and a bigger softbox for taking pics! So there's a TON of things I will be doing here on the blog site such as:

- Inviting friends over to film makeovers. I realize that everyone's eye shape/face shape is different, and I'd like to expand my tutorials to help others better.

- I will be doing Nail Tutorials. Awww yiss! I have a few friends who have volunteered to lend me their nails!

- I will hopefully be doing hair tutorials.

- I'll be doing random Outfit Of The Day posts.

- I will have more space/better equipment to film Lactic Acid Peel Tutorials.

- I may possibly start a page on the blog that's more geared towards my Lifestyle, so that way you guys can get to know me, and I hope that I can get to know you guys a bit better too! Internet friends are always welcome!

- I'm hoping to start a blogroll. If you are a beauty blogger/youtuber, please email me your links. I'd love to share them with everyone on my sidebar!

- I'd like to plan a youtuber/blogger Meet & Greet  for those of us in the Midwest. Please email me if interested! (There's only 2 of us so far, lol!)

- I'd like to take blogging to the next level. One day, I hope to make it a full-time job. Since I started learning how to apply makeup, my confidence has grown so much. I also really enjoy sharing this passion and love for makeup with others!

- I'd also like to work on my indie brand. I just don't have enough space at my current residence to get much work done, so I cannot wait to move, and I will keep you guys updated!

I'd also love some advice!

    I'm planning on doing some DIY projects for my makeup room (studio) and I know I'd like to make my own decor, and I'd love some makeup storage ideas! How do you guys store your beauty products? What ideas have you stumbled across on the internet that are unique and fun? Please do share these ideas with me!

   So much is going on, and I can't wait to take you guys with me on my journey! I've been instagramming daily, you can always follow me (muanikkizollman) on there, for more Face of the Day's, Eyeshadow Looks, Nails of the Day posts, etc.

   After the move, there will be more Giveaways as well. I plan on doing one for Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and my blog all at the same time once a month! You guys have inspired me to work harder and grow! I appreciate you guys so much, and I can't wait to share all of these things with you!

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