Review: MAC Cosmetics Sandy B Lipstick

Ah, MAC Cosmetic's Sandy B. This color is gorgeous! It's a mix of pink and pale, creamy coral with a light golden shimmer. The shimmer almost makes it a subtle duochrome. The color is buildable, but I usually use two swipes and it's slightly transparent. I think this color helps to "brighten" my olive skin tone. The golden shimmer helps reflect light particles as well as helps to create a very healthy and complimenting warmth to my lips. Sandy B is one of my top 3 nude lipsticks of all time! I'm a sucker for corals, and pinks...I didn't really know how I would feel about this color at first, since most lipsticks that are coral-pink are usually more muted than I anticipate, but the color is stunning and I was pleasantly surprised! The formula is moisturizing and comfortable. It can be applied lightly as a beautiful sheer shade or layered for a more "3D" kind of depth. The consistency is creamy and even. I have found that this particular formulation lasts pretty well on my lips throughout the day. I may have to reapply after the 3rd or 4th hour, but that's to be expected with a lip product that is not a stain. Let's get down to the good stuff!

I tried to get close enough to show off it's nice golden peach shimmer.

Swatch on the left is with one layer of application. The one on the right is with 2 layers. Upon building up the coverage, there's a lot more sheen.

This picture was taken in LED lighting to show the sheen and light reflecting particles.

A more in depth look at the tiny shimmer particles. They are evenly dispersed throughout the product which makes me pretty happy.

Again I can't help but feel that this color really brightens my skin tone. It's soft and subtle, the coral shade mixed with this pink is so light and natural enough to be considered a "nude" lipstick and the golden light reflecting shimmer really brings something interesting and sophisticated to the mix. I also love applying this shade over a nude brown lipstick to help make the color a tad bit more sassy. This is going to be my Go-To Spring lipstick!

have any of you tried this shade? What did you think of it? What's your favorite "nude" lipstick?