Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Updated Skin Regimen! Plus Dupes for Tarte's Maracuja Oil and Peter Thomas Roth's Oilless oil!

So I've added a few more things to my daily/nightly ritual because I've been doing my own Lactic Acid peels, and because my skin gets horrible dry during the Winter. Here's my Holy Grail products.


Step 1: 

I wash my face with The Face Shop's Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam. This stuff is gentle, and it brightens my skin instantly. Gotta love that, right!? I get this on Amazon and eBay, depending on which one has it for the best price. With shipping included, it usually goes for around $10.00 to $13.00 which isn't bad at all--you ONLY need a pea-sized amount because it lathers like crazy and I've been on the same tube for a little over 3 months now! Yeah totally worth every cent. I use this daily, AM and PM and also with my Clarisonic once a week. (I will be giving a VS. review soon since I just ordered myself the Foreo Luna device because the Clarisonic is WAAAAY too abrasive for my skin during Winter and even for daily use which is why I'm going to give the Foreo Luna try, so stay tuned for that!) It gives me a nice squeaky clean, but actually leaves my face feeling soft and moisturized. I started using this about two years ago, and I'm only on my fourth tube!

Rice water is gentle and is very rich in B Vitamins called "inositol." They help promote new cell growth, slow down the aging process and stimulates blood flow as well as has antioxidant and UV absorbing properties, and is very moisturizing. Yep, it's awesome!

Step 2:
After my face dries, I apply a serum that I've raved NONSTOP about for over a year now. (I use this AM and PM) It's the  60% Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Matrixyl 3000 Serum from *body-bling* on eBay and it's ONLY around $14.00 shipped! (Verses over $80 from other brands with the SAME amount of the very SAME ingredients and for less product even!) The company even packages it in the SAME FACILITY as some of the high-ended competitors--the reason why they can sell it for so cheap is because the packaging is rather plain. I'm totally okay with that if it's going to make me look/feel amazing and it saves me a ton of cash! Don't "think" about buying this product--do it right now! Your skin will thank you.

I've even received a TON of emails from you guys about how my suggestion had A: Saved you guys a crap-ton of money, B: Lightened scars, hyper pigmentation, sun spots and helped with acne, C: Dramatically reduced your wrinkles while leaving your skin softer, moisturized, healthier looking, and brighter than ever! First of all, I want to thank every single one of you who provided me with your success stories, especially the two sisters who've tried EVERYTHING under the sun and who no longer have to buy $100+ products a month. I enjoyed reading your emails, and I swear on my life that this product has helped my friends (I ended up getting a few friends hooked on this stuff) and I will NEVER let go of this product--EVER. When combined with my Lactic Acid Peels, I feel like I look better now than I did when I was in High School. I'm not even kidding.

Step 3:
I moisturize with 2 types of oil that I mix a few drops of each together in my hands before applying to my face (AM and PM) this is the Maracuja Oil from Dr. Adorable for $7.69 with free shipping, the company is a family owned business that sells on many different sites (their eBay shop is where I go) and the other oil is Squalane Oil from Skin Beauty Solutions which I purcahsed for $11.00 with free shipping. I mix 3 drops of each together in my hand and apply this to my face and my neck. (before applying makeup as well as before bed)

Maracuja Oil is so many things...emollient, anti-inflammitory, antioxidant, treats sun damaged skin, is rich in vitamin c replenishes and hydrates skin when combined with all of the fatty acids in this product, so in a nutshell, it makes skin firmer, brighter and smoother. Which of course is amazing! If you've been wanting to try Tarte's version but aren't happy about the price tag for the amount you get--try this from Dr. Adorable. You'll love it!

Squalane Oil is an oil that is either derived from Olives or Shark Liver. It's an antioxidant, prevents UV damage and age spots, promotes cell growth and is also antibacterial, plus it's a wonderful moisturizer and keeps your skin hydrated. Your skin produces less oil after your early 20's, and so it's very important to keep it moisturized! This is also a pretty good dupe for Peter Thomas Roth Oilless Oil and for a waaaaaay better price!

Step 4: (PM ONLY) I then apply a product that will help lock in moisture overnight. For this, I am VERY fond of TonyMoly's Dual Repair Sleeping Pack for under $16.00 on eBay. This stuff lasts me a loooong time. I only use half a pump for my face and neck. My skin looks so amazing when I wake up in the morning and wash it! It looks more full, vibrant and well rested.

WHY IT ROCKS: This seriously keeps the moisture locked in! I wake up looking and feeling more rested, vibrant and my skin looks so much brighter. This product has 2 ingredients that make a world of difference--Arbutin for skin whitening/brightening and Adenosine which helps produce collagen to prevent sagging and aging. I use this nightly, but for those of you who have oily skin, once a week would work wonderfully for you!

So there you guys have it, my crazy skin regimen. I can't wait to update this post with more information on the Foreo Luna! I've been hearing some amazing reviews about it, and I'm so excited that I'm possibly going to buy one for a Giveaway here in a month or two for a lucky reader to fall in love with as well! I loved my Clarisonic and I will still use it once a week, but it's just too harsh on my skin even with the sensitive brush heads PLUS it's costing me so much money...at least with the Foreo Luna, I will never need to purchase anything else after I have it in my hands! So, yeah I am way excited to share my experience with you guys as soon as I get it!

What's your skincare regimen? I'd love to hear what works for you!
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