Thursday, December 18, 2014

Indie Thursday! Armoaleigh's Lisette!

Everyone is going crazy for "Indie" cosmetics nowadays (I'm even working on my own indie line!) And I wanted to share a very beautiful pink sparkly shade with you guys. You can check out Aromaleigh's store here. This shade has been discontinued before I was able to review this shade, HOWEVER...there are shades very similar AND the quality of her products are AMAZING enough for me to review a discontinued product! (I do not normally do that because I feel that it's kinda crappy, but seriously the sparkle and shimmer in her products are simply stunning and there are similar shades to try out!)

The color is far more sparkly than the little sample bag leads on.

Here you can see some of the pretty sparkles and shimmers through the shadow.

Swatches Left to Right: Lsette on it's own, over black base, over NYX's White Eyeshadow base. I tried to get the light to catch the sheen of this shade. It looks best when used with a white base.

Out of focus for light-catching particle properties. There are TONS of light-catching particles. Seriously, this is shiny!

The color itself has an irredescent look. The color change goes from this pink to an almost purple shade. It's a medium pink with tiny metallic nude colored flecks as well as tiny blue-toned shimmer. This color has to be used with a base for maximum effect of course, however if you are new to bold colors and are looking for something soft and subtle yet out of your comfort zone, this would be a great time for you. The formula lasts very well with a primer of course (I use the Elf Essential Glitter Glue) and it lasts for around 8 hours.

Here are a few shades (Pictures have been taken from her web shop, and names of shades link to their according eyeshadow) that I think would be close enough in shade to love whole-heartedly:



Brainy Is The New Sexy

Have you tried her stuff? I've yet to actually purchase anything from her store--this sample was given to me by a friend to try out. I'm thinking about making a purchase soon! (It's so hard to just pick a few things, you know? I want to try ALL THE THINGS and I just cannot decide on things for a "blogger pack." Do you have any fave shadows from Aromaleigh? Any suggestions on ones I should try? If so I'd love to hear what you suggest!

And a quick update for my readers:

My Dad had an accident and is in the hospital right now. We were told that he's probably not going to make it, and if by some miracle he does, he's not going to be the same, nor be able to take care of himself. For those of you who knew what has been going on, I want to thank you so very much for your support during this time. I'm trying to keep my shit together, and it hasn't been easy. So thank you guys for the kind messages, the hugs and the shoulders that I've leaned/cried on these past few days. I want all of you, readers, friends and family to know that I appreciate all of you, and if you could send prayers/positive thoughts in our direction it would be lovely. Thank you for being amazeballs.

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