Thursday, December 4, 2014

Contest Winner Announced! Jessica E. From Canada!

My internet has been a COMPLETE PAIN in the A@@! Urgh! I hate making you guys wait, and so I am horribly sorry about that! However, the next Giveaway will be up later tonight, so keep your eyes open for it! Quite a few people LOVED the Pink Metal Cut Out Necklace, so I will have a BLACK one as a prize!

Also, a BIG congrats Jessica E. from Canada! Thank you for entering my contest. I will be sending you an email shortly, so please respond as soon as possible and I will have your items out to you! If you would be so kind as to include a pic of you with the items, I'd absolutely love to share it on my blog/twitter/social media accounts! If you are uncomfortable with that, a simple email letting me know that the prize package made it to you safely would be awesome!

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