REVIEW! Too Faced Country Nashville Nudes Eye Shadow Collection!

Oh Too Faced, how I love thee. I absolutely LOVE the color selection in this palette! I'm a huge fan of nude shades (I'm sure that some of you are surprised by that, aha ha ha!) and this palette is perfect for my work-friendly makeup style. That's why it's the very top drawer of my vanity. (That's where the most beloved/used items of my stash hangout)

Quality: This palette is for those of us who are needing a nice everyday palette in collection for of course, super girly/nude/work-friendly looks. (Don't be fooled though, this palette is fully capable of giving you a very nice blue/grey/purple smoky eye as well that will off the hook this Winter!) The formula is smooth and buttery, but I must say that the 3 shades on the very right hand side of the palette have a different consistency. It's not bad, but I feel that Too Faced had intended these 3 shades to be used wet as a liner as well. They feel the exact same as the ones on the right hand side of my Cat Eyes Palette, but they are not labeled Wet/Dry like the ones in my Cat Eyes Palette.

EDIT: Yes, they are to be used as a liner if wet. I will update this post very soon with swatches. Sorry for the misinformation, and hooray for having versatile shades!

The formula is long-lasting, and I've heard a few people say that the pigmentation wasn't that my personal opinion, I feel that's because these shades are light. I'm not sure if others are using a primer or not, but on the bottom half of the top picture, I'm wearing Elf's Smudge Pot in Pearls of Wisdom as a primer, and the top half I'm using the Elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer in Sheer. Shows up well for me. I want to rave about the shade Paper Roses; it's a BEAUTIFUL duochrome, and I did my best to show that in a few of the below swatches! It's pink with a golden shift...seriously amazing!

Let's get on to the swatches:

From Left to Right:
Cowboy Take Me Away, Y'All, Dolly-Wet/dry Liner shade, Famous In A Small Town, Paper Roses, Rhinestone-Wet/Dry Liner shade, All American Girl, Nashville, Bluebird-Wet/Dry Liner Shade.

Trying to show off how awesome Paper Roses is! Look at how pretty that pink is when it shifts to a pale gold!

Would I repurchase this palette? Yes. This palette has so many of my go-to shades for my lid, crease and highlight. I'm also NOT a super big fan of pink eyeshadows, (if you watch my tutorials, then you know I'm into bold pinks, but not so much light and girly ones) but I gotta say that there's a soft spot in my heart for Paper Roses. I've worn that shade 3 times last week, which is not typical for me. There's just enough bolds in this palette to keep someone like me who loves bold smoky eyes interested, yet it's also perfect for people who like to wear soft, subtle and neutral looks when it's business time. The staying power is always amazing for me with any eyeshadow I use because I always use the Elf Smudge Pots as a primer/base. I'm talking like 16+ hours, so with that being said, I'm in love, and it has a special place in my vanity where I will reaching for it almost every workday.

Have you tried this palette before? How do feel about it? What would you change if you could? What makes it awesome?

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