Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Review: OCC's RX Lip Tar

I've hopped on the blue train, and this shade is so pretty and daring! As much as I love this color, it feathers terribly. I have been using the Elf Lip Lock Pencil to help keep this bad boy from wandering all over my face, and it works wonders! This product is opaque and bright--just what is needed when wearing a bright hued lippie! On to the swatches!

This brightly hued Lip Tar REALLY packs a punch to the eyeballs. It's sooooo bright! It has an amazing consistency--non sticky, lightweight and comfortable.

As you can see, the feathering can be super redonkulous without a clear lip liner or an adhesive medium. I absolutely LOVE this color and will be wearing it to work very soon. I purchased it from to use with my other blue Lip Tar, Technopagan. I do have to reapply this color every few hours, but honestly I don't mind doing so for the opaqueness and vibrancy of the product! I have been extremely impressed with OCC's Lip Tars so far! The feathering was a huge turn off, but honestly it's completely fine if you can get your hands on a clear lip liner. :)

How do you guys feel about crazy colored lipsticks? Have you tried any? Any recommendations?
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