Wednesday, November 12, 2014

MAC Lovelorn Lipstick Review and Swatch!

I had to share one of my favorite Pink shades for this Fall and Winter with you guys! This is MAC's Lovelorn, and it's a soft medium pink that's somewhat sheer. This color is perfect for all skin tones, and is very moisturizing. Check out how gorgeous the swatches are:

Sheer and glossy, this color is creamy, has a medium gloss finish and the shade itself gives a youthful hint of color to your lips.

Isn't it gorgeous!? This color lasts around 3 hours, so reapplication is necessary. I wear this shade alone, but I it can be layered on a darker pink of course, and with no gloss because of it's glossy finish. This shade is going to look amazing with the natural flush of one's cheeks this cold season, and when I think of Winter, I think of soft and supple pink shades for cheeks, lips and nails. This color will be a worthy investment as it can be rolled right over into Spring as well!

What's your favorite MAC lipstick?
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