Wednesday, November 5, 2014

MAC Flat Out Fabulous Lipstick

Every girl absolutely needs a super friggin bright, sassy matte lipstick in her makeup collection. Go bold, or go home, am I right? Well calm your tits, because MAC delivered! This shade is beautiful guys, absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Wait, did I mention that it's BEE-YEW-TEE-FULL!? I think by now, you are getting the point. It's matte, it's almost a neon orchid shade, with a teensy touch of blue hue. It's not very creamy at all. I think that's a good thing sometimes! If a lipstick's formula is overly creamy, the pigmentation fades waaaay faster than if it's balanced. If it's too thin, it's going to be dry and shitty. And sheer. Or opaque and cakey as hell. Either one is not a good time. Anyways, I need to show you how amazing the opaqueness actually is, and make you wish you it on your vanity table, like RIGHT NOW.

What makes MAC's Lipstick so unique is the fact that they all smell like vanilla. Mmmm.
Isn't it so freaking pretty!?

Opaque, matte, long-lasting AND smells like vanilla? Awesome-sauce.

Forgive my super-sad chapped lips. It's been so cold here in Missouri that I feel like my lips are going to shrivel up and die. Anywhoooo, look at that color! It's pink-violet with a nice blue hue. It's bright, bold and absolutely sassy! The staying power is better than most brands, but not as long as a stain. It actually lasts longer than other MAC lipsticks that are not matte, which is a plus! I wore this for 5 hours at work before needing a touch-up.

Would any of you wear this shade? Do any of you own this shade? If you do, what eyeshadow looks to you pair it with? Let me know!
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