Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ILNP New Holo Flakies Nail Polish Collection! Available for Pre-order Nov. 14th!!!

They day has finally arrived...I'd been checking my inbox twice a day in hopes to catch a glimpse of the new flakie collection from ILNP. If you've seen my reddit posts, you know that I'm a HUGE fan of holographic and duo-chrome nail polishes. I've searched high and low for amazing holos, and had been TERRIBLY disappointed (the ONLY holo polish I even own now is one by Kleancolor in Chunky Holo Black which my favorite nail polish EVER even though it's super freaking cheap...I threw out all of my other "holos" because they were a huge sad bottle of disappointment) they were hardly "holo" and to be honest, the formulas were just awful in general and they were chunky, and yeah it hurt my feels pretty damn bad.

On my "Fuck this I'm searching for pretty holos that are ACTUALLY holo" quest a while back, I stumbled upon a site, which just happened to have HUGE assortment of holos and duo-chromes! I screamed out loud, startled my boyfriend whom was minding his own business, and I probably cackled like a witch who's paid vacation for Halloween was accepted at work. I take glitter and polish pretty damn seriously, if you couldn't already tell. Well after investigating the site, I contacted the company asking if I could review some of their products. I never heard back from anyone, so I waited a while and then decided to buy just ONE polish. I purchased a polish called Cygnus Loop, and it wasn't as multi-chromed on my nails as I thought it would be. After the waiting and anticipation, it turned out to be just a deep blue shade on my nails. No rainbow of awesome as I'd hoped, but I'm willing to try the brand again and I'm still wanting to try more of the multi/duo-chromed shades because I'm not sure if maybe I just got one that wasn't mixed well or something like that.

Anywhooo, enough of my story--they released swatches and pictures of their upcoming HOLO FLAKIES!!! Yeah, I'm as giddy as a kid in a candy store and I feel like my head just exploded because of the unicorn/rainbow/goodness that I just witnessed in my email.



This is just one coat of Supernova.

Electric Carnival over Relvon's Urban

I'd been waiting my whole life for nail polish like this. This would be the coolest and most awesome Christmas present to myself EVER. This collection (along with a few of the other holo's and multichromes) are the highest on my wishlist. Are you guys as excited as I am? Have any of you tried this brand before?
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