Monday, November 10, 2014

Glambot Order: OCC Lip Tars in Black Dahlia and RX!

Glambot had an amazing deal a few weeks back, so I used a coupon code to snag 2 OCC liptars, Black Dahlia and RX for less than $20.00 shipped! (How cool is that!?)

I love the custom tape they use!

They gave me a free sample: a Korean Collagen Mask! I LOVE these things!

Black Dahlia and RX!

I was so excited to rip open that bag and check out my goodies! I'm a HUGE fan of OCC's Technopagan, and I'd been looking for a matte blue to use alongside it for an ombre lip. RX is just PERFECT for that! Yet again, has wowed me and I can't wait for another sale! I've ordered so many times and I love everything about the company thus far! Check back soon for reviews and swatches guys! Hurray for glambot!

Do any of you wear blue lipsticks? If so, do you have any advice or tips on how to wear them, such as what kind of eye look and stuff that you personally do on yourselves? I need a little push to wear these out!

Also, what do you love most about glambot? Have any of you placed an order? If so, what did you get?
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