My $2.99 Julep Halloween Box Arrived! (STILL Available!)

For those of you who didn't catch the post I wrote about the FREE Julep Maven Halloween Box (The $2.99 is for shipping) You might want to do it soon! The code and link are STILL working, which means they still have some boxes left for $2.99! You can view my previous post here or click on the banner below to see more information!

And I think I'm in LOVE! My Julep Halloween Box arrived today. One of my most used nail colors of all time is the color black. I can NEVER have enough of it! I use it as a base, as a mixer, by itself and for marbling. One shade that I do not have anymore is a deep red color. They both came in my package! Jet is the black one (of course) and the deep vampy red shade is called Nic. (Awww, that'sa meee!) It also came with a deep purple-black Gel Eye Glider liner (Where has this shit been my whole life!?) that just rocked my socks off. It's perfect: matte, dark, super blendable and is pretty hard to wipe off. It passes my tests with flying colors. Expect some fun nail and eye tutorials very soon!

The third nail color is a BEAUTIFUL Harvest orange micro glittery shade called Tatiana. Ugggggh I can't wait to use this for a gradient look this season, for black and orange polka dots, geometric shapes, I mean, I have SO MANY IDEAS BY JUST LOOKING AT IT. My nail designs have been planned for the next 2 months within 10 seconds flat.

From Left To Right: Nic, Jet, Tatiana

Gel Glider Eyeliner in Smoky Plum

After wiping a few times

Altogether now!

Did any of you guys get something different from the $2.99 Halloween Box I posted about earlier? If so, what did you receive?

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