Laura Geller Cosmetics 50% OFF! (Lipstick trios for $16! Eyeliner sets for $12!)

Holy pickles, Batman! I think my brain just exploded, lol. Okay, so I have to make this a quick blog post, but wowza, Laura Geller cosmetics half off! there are sets with MULTIPLE items for cheaper than you'd pay for a drugstore brand, and there's even a TRIO of highlighters on sale too! I want all of the things, but I can't get all of the I'm going to choose a Baked Eyeliner (Rimz) set!
This stuff is going to sell out freaking FAST--so if you are interested, you'd better hurry while they still have everything! Some of these sets come with brushes as well, and the brushes alone are worth the price!!! (They are super soft and AMAZING!)

What products are you wanting to try?

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