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My Fave Palettes for Fall 2014!

OH yeah guys, I love me some wonderful browns, golds, reds, greens, and in general every single Fall color ever imagined. I was going through my collection to find some of my palettes to use this Fall and I realized that HOLY PICKLES I HAVE SOOOOO MANY PALETTES! So here's a compilation of my fave palettes that I will be reaching for to use on my clients as well as for myself!

Too Faced The Return Of Sexy:

This is a BEAUTIFUL palette full of seductive and dreamy shimmery shades. It's PURE Heaven...the pigmentation is great, and it's versatile enough to wear for a low-key work look or a dramatic-booty-shakin'-dance-fest-downtown. When I hold this palette in my hands, I feel as if the God of the Smoky Eye is smiling upon me, and my possibilities are undoubtedly ENDLESS. Now this is full of glitter and shimmer, so if you are not a fan of all that jazz, you may want to skip this one. This one retails for $49.00 and also comes with an Eyeliner too. I actually did not pay full price for this, as the Home Shopping Network had this available for free shipping and I used the code "20newsummer" to snag it for $20.00 CHEAPER than it's retail price. The code should still be working!

Tarte Femme Naturale:

I actually take this palette with me to my day job. I love the smooth consistency of the shadows and the rich and elegant pigmentation. This is a wonderful palette for those of use who prefer more neutral shades with a small selection of "color." This one is beautiful with very finely milled shimmer shades and a few matte ones. (Most of the shades are shimmery though) It has been discontinued, but I have found quite a few online (just Google the palette and click on "shopping") for around $35.00 and it comes with an amazing dual ended brush and a dual ended eyeliner. Worth every penny!

Too faced Naked Eye Palette:

This palette is my one of my "go-to" Bridal palettes for Fall and Winter. It's smooth and rich pigmentation is sweet and delicate-colored but there are a few shades in this palette that can turn any sweet and innocent look into a sexy she-devil of madness. The lighter shades are some of the best eyeshadows I've ever used for my highlight below my brow, and it's combination of otherworldly colors makes it amazing for those Brides to Be as well as anyone who loves soft and pretty looks. It's a classic. This retails for $36.00, however you can find it on sale sometimes on multiple sites. 

Too Faced Pretty Rebel palette:

This palette is for those of you who LOVE a pinch of bold but also enjoy your neutral shades as well. This palette has everything you need to do a pink and silver smoky look for Fall, Brown and Black smoky looks, plus it has a beautiful duo chrome shade that's a brown/red that shifts to green (PERFECT for Fall and adding dimension to the center of your lids or defining your crease for some extra drama!) With the metallic gold and silver, you can play this palette all through Fall and straight into Winter without skipping a note. It's an amazing piece to add to your arsenal and would honestly work for every season! The pigmentation of this palette is just as impressive as you'd expect from Too Faced. I love using the pink and the silver, and if you are curious about a beautiful smoky look with the blue shade, I have a tutorial up on Youtube featuring this palette and it's one of my fave smoky looks EVER. This palette retails for around $41.00 online and in stores.

Sephora Moonshadow Baked Palette In The Night:

This palette is a splendid carnival of shimmery golds and celestial smokes. This palette would look amazing on tan or deep skin, however the smoky greys/white and silver would look absolutely stunning on fair skin as well. I have used this in conjunction with Elf's Makeup Lock & Seal as eyeliner, and it creates a glorious metallic/foil finish that is impeccably eye-catching! Used dry or wet, this palette is going to rock your eyelids this Fall season with fabulous shimmer and mesmerizing foil shades. I will be using this palette for more of my "Editorial Makeup" kind of photo shoots. The price of this palette varies since it's discontinued...but it's still available online in certain boutiques. I believe that you can find it anywhere from $15.00-$44.00 depending on where you purchase it.

Stila Luxe palette:

This palette is one of my Holy Grail Fall palettes EVER. I used this same palette last Fall, and it has worked wonders on many clients and models! This palette gives you the option of creating a beautiful matte neutral eye, or a dangerous diva look. I used the three shades in the middle row together and it was one of my fave looks I'd ever done on myself. This is a red carpet gem, perfect for Pinup looks, smoky garnet lids, playful Princessy Pink peepers or Dramatic Icy eyes. This palette is in the top drawer of my vanity (Which means it gets a ton of love) and there are so many looks I just couldn't do without it! This palette is discontinued, however it's still available on some websites if you search for it. It retails for around $45.00.

Too faced Romantic Eye Palette:

This is another of my "go-to" palettes for prom pictures, bridal showers and weddings. This palette has 5 matte shades and 4 shimmery shades of pure amazingness. Soulmates, Honeymoon and Ever After were my most used shades from this palette for sultry smoky looks. A look can be created for everyone with this palette. You could easily do a subtle daytime look for work, and then add one of the deep shimmery shades in the crease and outer corner to turn up the volume. Banquet Toss is a beautiful matte highlight shade that looks wonderful on the inner corner of you eye as well as your brow bone. You can do anything from a glam eye, nude eye, or smoked out plum with this palette as easy as 1-2-3. This palette retails for $36.00.

Too faced Matte Eye Palette:

I haven't had the chance to try theBalm's Meet Matt(e) however this palette serves my needs quite nicely. This is perfect for all skin tones, so there's something in this one for everyone. The pigmentation is clean, rich and buttery--it glides on effortlessly and blends like a champ. This is the perfect daytime palette as well as a smoky palette for those of us who prefer no glitter and shimmer. I. Love. This. Palette. This palette has the browns you need for Fall, and the smoky deep shades for a nice transition into Winter. This palette retails for $36.00 and is a game changer for those in need of some super pigmented mattes, or the "perfect" work-friendly makeup palette!

Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette:

What can be said about this palette that hasn't already been said a million times already? It's nice, it's smooth, it's soft and buttery and it's good shit. This is the palette that I use on my redhead clientele, as well as my deep skinned clientele. I love the rose-hued mattes and the soft cool shimmery shades as well. I don't really have to type out much about this...because in my opinion (and so many other's) it's well worth the hype and is now sitting in my top vanity drawer to get quite a bit of love this season. I really want to pair this with one of my Too Faced palettes for a few keep checking here and my Youtube Channel as it's going to happen. IT HAS TO HAPPEN. This palette retails for $54.00.

Sleek Cosmetics I-Divine Palette in Au Naturale:

This palette is perfect for Fall! It has mattes and shimmers (Mostly matte shades though) and has probably the prettiest brownish red I've ever swatched. This palette is gorgeous and so very practical! This palette is one of my "go-to's" for work makeup and weddings as well. The pigmentation is incredible for the price--the only catch is that you cannot buy this brand in the United States unless it's online. (Think You can find them online for around $11.00-$15.00 with shipping. 

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette:

This is by far my fave palette ever created. I wish that Urban Decay would follow their example! Just as many mattes as there are shimmery shades makes for a well rounded eyeshadow palette EVERY SINGLE TIME. For each matte shade, there's a similar shade that's shimmery! Can you just IMAGINE the possibilities with this!? I have made 6 tutorials using this already, and I'm nowhere near finished! This is one that I use on myself often as well as for weddings, proms, etc. Every girl in the world needs this palette. It's buttery formula glides on effortlessly and enhances every single eye color possible. You can create every kind of look (minus colorful ones, lol) with this palette. Day time matte look? No problem! Smoky vamp look to compliment your fave red lippie? Sure thing! This palette is the Bee's Knees y'all! This palette retails for $49.00

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette:

This thing smells like I had died and gone to Heaven--my idea of heaven that is! Chocolate EVERYTHING! In all seriousness though, I have owned 3 of these palettes. I find that the colors are suitable for any skin tone, and all occasions, hence why I have had to replace it a few times. I have purchased all of them from and only 2 of them actually smelled of Cocoa. They are in fact made with real cocoa and vanilla, however the scent does fade over time, and it's possible to buy one that doesn't smell like chocolate at all. The idea is really cool though, however one of the shades has so much cocoa in it, that it's a bit harder to blend. Other than that, this palette is amazing, and I seriously went to the store and bought a candy bar after I opened my very first one! This palette retails for $49.00

Urban Decay Naked Palette: 

This palette is absolutely gorgeous, and is a no-brainer for Fall. Smoky eyes, neutral eyes, heck even one solid color on your lids looks amazing against some dark black liner and mascara! As you can tell, this palette has seen quite a bit of love, ha ha ha. The nude shades in this palette are some of my fave nude shades from Urban Decay-period! If you do not have any of the Naked palettes, I'd suggest getting this one first, unless you are a redhead or super fair skinned--then I would suggest the naked 3. This palette retails for $54.00

What are some of your fave palettes for Fall? I'd love to know!
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