Monday, September 1, 2014

LikeTwice New Members Get $20 Worth of FREE Clothing (+ 40% Off Final Sale Purchases for Everyone!)

Happy Labor day! I'm finding last-minute sales EVERYWHERE online, and I'm trying to type as fast as I can so you guys can get in on the goodies too! Check out this deal from LikeTwice!

ALSO, If you use the code FINALSALE, you get an EXTRA 40% OFF your purchase!

 is a website that offers name-brand, affordable secondhand clothes, (Think online thrift/consignment shop) is still offering all of it's new members a FREE $10 credit for they signing up for a new account. It gets even BETTER, if you have an iPhone or an iPad (Sorry android users), jump  over here where you can download their iTunes app and score another free $10 credit, giving you $20 to work with! Just start the app, sign-in and the $10 credit will be automatically applied to your account! How cool is that!? This deal is good until a minutes before Midnight tonight, Pacific Time!
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