Tuesday, August 12, 2014

FREE $10 Credit on LikeTwice--Many New Items Under $10!

Since the season is changing, I've been hopping through some of my fave online shopping sites and I like to let you guys know what kind of deals/steals I'm seeing! LikeTwice.com has lowered their prices on quite a few cute things, so I'm giving you guys a head's up! ALSO, you get $10.00 credit for FREE just for signing up through my link here. You also get another $10 in credit if you sell them some of your brand name clothing! This is the PERFECT idea for some of us who want to revamp our wardrobe on a budget, or pick up some super cute stuff to add to our wardrobe for the same price as you'd pay at DAV Thrift Stores (I used to work there, I can vouch for the price. Even I have a few shirts in my closet that I keep wanting to wear but I never do, ha ha ha. ALSO if you download their APP from iTunes OR Google Play Store-- YOU GET HALF OFF OF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE! NO COUPON CODE NEEDED!

Here are some AWESOME items for under $10.00 (remember, you get a FREE $10.00 credit for signing up, and there's no minimum purchase)

And here are some awesome items that you could score for REALLY cheap if you used your credit:

They have a ton of sizes...I didn't even look at ALL of them. There's so many cute things, I could have been looking for hours! I may be picking up a dress or two for the Holidays, and maybe a few sweaters. I haven't even visited a thrift store since I found this site...ha ha! It's updated all of the time with fresh and new content, so there's def. something for everyone!

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