Friday, July 18, 2014

Buy and Sell Makeup with!

I'd received a message over a month ago about a website that had JUST started up, called "Glambot."
Basically Glambot is a website where you can by and sell your new and used makeup. They have wonderful safety measures in sanitization, (and ONLY sell authentic products) and I was curious about trying it out. I was compensated to review/haul from this company, but the opinions posted here are of my own. 

It took a MONTH for me to receive the credit they'd promised me after messaging them 3 times, and when I did end up getting it, it was waaay lower than initially agreed upon from the first message. So, right off guys, we are starting off very NEGATIVELY. I have 10 years of Business management under my hat, and I feel that their business etiquette thus far is terrible and absolutely LACKING--just from a business standpoint, and again--this is just my personal opinion. I feel like it was a ploy to generate talk and interest in the blogging community.

I chose my selection:

Let's pretend that I'm an average customer for a second, shall we?

I'm saving maybe $2.00 on each palette even though they are USED (80% left of each) and I'm saving $6.00 on the Mac Lipstick, which only has 50% left. I'd personally rather pay the extra 2 bucks for the palettes and have one that's brand new. Again, this is just my personal opinion.

Are the prices fair? Not all of the time. In my honest opinion, you'd save WAY more money by using a site such as (r/makeupexchange) and if you were looking to make a purchase on something that isn't a Limited Edition product...I see the Too Faced palettes go for $25.00 and they are ONLY swatched...sometimes they are even BRAND NEW. But of course there are risks with that as well. On the other sites, the items may not make it to your mailbox. I have personally been swaplifted at least 12 times in the past year and it pisses me off that people can be that freaking shitty. Also, if you purchase from a community-based website, you just may be purchasing a FAKE product, whereas the products at are safe--and authentic. (You gotta admit that the idea of having lead in your eyeballs isn't exactly on your Bucket List, ha ha ha!)

Used Mac Lipsticks from blog sales and makeup selling/swapping communities tend to run on average, about $5.00-$12.00 and it's based on usage, meaning you pay more for more product. (obviously.) Now this also depends on whether or not a product is "LE" or "Limited Edition" in which case if it happens to be, say a LE item, the price could go up to around $30.00.

The Bottom Line:

If you collect Mac cosmetics and other high-ended brands, or you are wanting a Limited Edition product from like YEARS ago, (or that may be sold out everywhere else) you can visit and purchase it for the actual retail price of the item, instead of paying an arm and a leg from some person online who is practicing "Price Gouging" (this is when people purchase many items of something only to wait and sell it later when it's hard to find just to make an insane profit.) 

I'm very active on quie a few of the makeup community websites, and what I'm noticing is more and more LE Mac items being "sold" and "swapped" for waaaay more than retail value. Every single time I visit I notice that EVERYTHING Mac LE is SOLD OUT CONSTANTLY. (At least every time I visit the site, which is maybe once a week) I'm not sure how often they regain product--although you can actually SELL them your new and used makeup for store credit, which is VERY cool if there's a bit of stuff hanging out in your makeup drawer gettin' no why not swap it in for something you'll enjoy more? (If that interests you, they have specifics on the site on how to package/sanitize your products as well as what brands they accept)

This is only part 1 of my review...I ordered my products over a week ago, and it hasn't been shipped yet. So we'll just have to wait and see the pics, good, the bad, the videos, etc! 
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