Friday, June 27, 2014

Tutorial of a Dramatic Neon Pink Eye/Lip for Reddit

I entered a contest a gal was hosting on reddit, and I thought I would share the look/tutorial here.

Step 1: 
First I used Elf's Smudge Pot in Pearls of Wisdom (works amazing as a primer...this keeps my eyes from creasing for over 17 hours) I patted this product all over my brow bone and eyelid...

Step 2:
I applied Lord and Berry's Flat Liner in Black right above my crease.

Step 3:
I then took a smudge brush and smudged it upwards and outwards.

Step 4:
Next I used Savage from Urban Decay's Electric Palette and patted it all over the empty space on my eyelids.

Step 5:
I then took the Flat liner from Lord and Berry and "closed" the outer corner of my eyelids by drawing a line from the tip of the outer black line to my lash line. I also smudged it a bit to soften the line, while bringing some of the product down underneath my lower lash line.

Step 6:
I then used a black gel liner (this one is a no-name brand from eBay) and I went over the "closing" line to darken it a bit, and created a cat-eye by bringing it inwards on my upper lash line and fading it in to my lashline stopping about a third of the way towards the inner corner of my lash line.

Step 7:
I then used another gel liner from eBay (again, a no-name brand) in a bright pink shade under my lower lash line and stopped about half way, where it met the black liner.

Step 8: 
I then applied the shade Savage directly on top of the pink liner. 

Step 9:
I then applied a black liner (Too Faced's Perfect Black Liner) to my water line and right on top of the black liner on the outer corner of my eye (under my lower lashline) and smudged it out a bit.

Step 10:
I then applied Urban Decays' Virgin as a highlight on my brow bone and blended it a bit with that cut crease line to soften the harshness of the black.

Step 11:
I then used a mascara primer by Elf to give my lashes a dramatic boost.

Step 12:
I then applied a black mascara. This one is the Smashbox Full Exposure.

Step 13:
I then swept a very deep berry blush onto my cheeks. this one is Elf's Mineral Pressed Blush in Wanderlust.

Step 14:
To add a bit of more 3D feel to this look, I also layered an Elf blush in Pink Passion (Bright neon pink) onto the top part of the Wanderlust blush for an ombre effect.

Step 15:
Next I lined my lips with a VERY bright lip liner. I'm using Mac's Dynamo.

Step 16:
For a super fun and playful lip, I decided to use Mac's Happy Go Lucky from the Playland Collection. I applied this all over my lips.

Step 17:
I then applied Lime Crime's DLilac on the inner part of my lips and patted with my finger to blend for a Neon pink/Pale lavender ombre lip.

What do you guys think of this tutorial? Would any of you wear this look out and about? I'd love to hear from you!
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