Mermaid Eye 2 Feat. Sleek Cosmetics Lagoon Palette

Everyone's so crazy about mermaid shades. This takes me back to the late 80's when I was going through my Mom's cosmetic bag and found all of those super bright shades that she no longer wore. 

So let's get started!

Step 1: I primed my eyes with Elf's Smudge Pot in Pearls of Wisdom

Step 2: I then applied the bright coral shade to my eyelid, but not the inner corner.

Step 3: I then applied the silver/white shade to the inner corner of my eyelid.

Step 4: I then applied the duochrome greenblue shade right above my lid in the crease and blended upwards and outwards.

Step 5: I then applied the yellow shade to my brow bone. 

Step 6: I then applied the dark matte blue onto the outer corner of my eyelid and blended it upwards and a third of the way across my eye upon my crease.

Step 7: I then applied a light purple liner underneath my lower lash line. I used Urban Decay's Asphyxia.

Step 8: I then applied the matte purple shade from before, directly on top of the light purple liner.

Step 9: Using a black gel eyeliner, (mine's a no-name one from ebay) I created a dramatic cat-eye.

Step 10: I then lined my waterline using a black liner--this one is the Rimmel Scandaleyes in Black.

Step 11:  I then coated my lashes with a black mascara. I'm using Smashbox's Full Exposure Mascara.


What do you guys think of this one? Would any of you wear this out? I want to hear from you!

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