Wednesday, June 25, 2014

50% OFF Elf Mineral Cosmetics!

Aw man, this is where I get to stock up on all of my Elf Mineral products! This line is on sale right now with a coupon (you must have at least $25.00 in your cart first to use it) for 50% off all of the Mineral Items! Use this coupon code at checkout: EC5Mf2

 I am going to share a REALLY sweet deal with you all. Here's some of my fave Elf Mineral Products!

The Mineral Eyeshadows are my absolute FAVE. I own all of them, but the ones I use the most (and you may have seen in my tutorials) are: Outdoorsy, Seductive, Natural, Enchanted, Temptress, Innocent, Partier, Royal, Elegant, Wild, Caffeinated, Bronze, Sweet, Trendy, Sassy and Earthy. Half off would make them just $1.50 EACH with the 50% off!

The Mineral Eyeshadow Primer is a HUGE part of my regimen. (I love ALL of their primers, so I always buy 4 of each when they have them on sale to last me for a bit) This stuff is simply awesome and you CAN'T beat that price! They would $1.50 EACH with the 50% off!

I'm sure you guys have seen the Mineral Lipsticks in some of my tutorials and reviews because I honestly use them often! They have a nice creamy and lightweight formula that moisturizes my lips and some of the colors are so beautiful! You can search my blog for swatches, but Rosy Tan, Nicely Nude and Cool Coral are my faves. These are $2.50 EACH with the 50% off!

The Elf Mineral Lip Gloss is also a staple in my tutorials. I'm seriously in love with the shades Sorority Girl, Pageant Princess, Night Owl, Fierce, and Au Naturale. Def worth the full price, but it's pretty awesome that they are 50% off, which means they are $1.50 EACH!

The Mineral Pressed Blushes are hands down, my go-to blushes. I cannot believe how awesome the formula is, Elf has REALLY stepped up their game. I LOVE all of the shades and I hope that they release more! These are  normally $5.00, but you can snag them for $2.50 EACH with the 50% off code!

The Elf Mineral Booster is my favorite setting powder. I always buy the Corrective Yellow, as it helps to even out my skin as well as set my foundation like a dream! It's lightweight and gives you a sort of "photoshopped" flawless finish. I have handed quite a few of these out to my friends and gals at work, and they all raved about it and are wanting me to place an order to pick up more for them...this stuff is just that good! Normally the small ones run for $5.00, and the larger one runs for $8.00 but you can pick them up for $2.50-$4.00 with 50% off!

Well guys, these are my FAVE Elf Mineral Products. What are your fave Mineral Products from Elf? 
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