Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Smoky Glam Eyeshadow Tutorial Feat. Too Faced's The Return Of Sexy

Awwww yisss! I am a complete SUCKER for glitter--I love it so much that I would wear it all over myself every day of my life...if I had enough products to do so. I first saw this palette at Sephora and thought it looked so pretty...I was with my boyfriend and I didn't want to act out just how excited I was, so I swatched one shade, said "oooooh that's pretty!" and walked on past it. Well I ended up getting a VERY good deal on it a while back on the Home Shopping Network, so when it came...I swatched all of the colors and this was my first tutorial I made using it. I will say that it's gorgeous, but the one thing I really don't like about it is how grainy the shadows feel. It was something that I didn't remember from when I swathed it. It is a nice palette, but because some of the product feels harsh and grainy, I won't be reaching for it as much as I would have if all of the shades were of a nice and smooth consistency. Anyways, on to the tutorial!

Step 1:
Prime your Peepers! Since this product has glitter in it, I opted for Elf's Glitter Primer.

Step 2:
I used the silver shade on my eyelid, up to my crease.

Step 3:
I used a black cream liner from my Music Flower palette that is a dupe for the Makeup Forever Black Tango palette to create my "crease."

Step 4:
Because cream eyeliner tends to dry VERY quickly, I used my finger to blend the black liner upwards and outwards a bit.

Step 5:
I then applied the black shadow from the palette and patted it directly on top of the black liner. I blended it upwards and outwards as well, using the liner as a stencil/guide.

Step 6:
I then used the Lightest Silver in that compartment for my brow bone. This made a really pretty highlight shade that complemented this look.

Step 7:
I then used the same black gel liner from earlier and created a winged cat eye line along my lash line. I also lined a third of my lower lash line as well.

Step 8:
I then lined my waterline with the Too Faced Perfect Black Liner that came with the Palette.

Step 8: I then applied a black mascara. The one that I used was a deluxe sample of Smashbox Full Exposure.

The Finished Product:

So what do you guys think about this palette? What color combinations have you tried?
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