Saturday, May 10, 2014

Easy Workday Makeup Tutorial

I'll be honest--I LOVE wearing makeup to work. I like to present myself as a well-groomed and put-together kinda gal. There's no way I'd show up to work looking like I normally do typing up these blog posts. (I'm sure you can easily picture this: Me sitting Native-American style on a vanity bench with my computer in front of me, hair a HUGE wreck and in half-assed bun, wearing a pair of old pink plaid ladie's boxer-styled shorts, an overly large shirt that I will NEVER wear out of the house, Crest White Strips on my teeth with my mouth slightly open so that it looks like I'm REALLY bitter and pissed off, with some sort of snack--chips, cookies or whatever and a Monster energy drink within arm's reach) I like to look nice. Appearance means quite a bit in the work place. I'm not fond of just going out in public looking like hell, even though I do so sometimes. So I like to mess around and come up with  well-put together looks. Low and behold y'all, here's another one for you guys! (Just to let you know, I don't really say "y'all" in real life. Not that there's anything wrong with just feels weird when I actually SAY it)

Step 1: Prime your eyelids!!!!! Prime, prime, PRIME! I'm using Elf's Glitter Primer because it's pretty shweet.

Step 2: Apply a Crease shade that's matte and pinkish-brown. I'm using Elf's Mineral Eyeshadow in Temptress. Blend it upwards and outwards!

Step 3: Use a soft shimmery white highlighting shade for your brow bone. I'm using Elf's Smudge Pot in Pearls of's gorgeous AND it stays put!

Step 4: Apply a very light purple-pink shade to the inner two-thirds of your eyelids. I'm using Elf's Mineral Eyeshadow in Girly.

Step 5: Take a shimmery medium brown eyeshadow and apply it to the outer corner of your eyelid as well as on the outer third of your crease. Blend. I'm using Elf's Mineral Eyeshadow in Caffeinated.

Step 6: Line your upper and lower lash lines with a bronze liner. I am using Elf's Essential Smudge Pot in Brownie Points as a liner.

Step 7: Line your waterline with a deep brown liner. I'm using a brown Liner by Lancome.

Step 8: Coat your lashes with a black mascara. I'm using Elf's Mineral Infused Mascara which is my favorite mascara EVER. 

The Finished Look!

And there you have it! Have any of you tried these products? Which is your fave?
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